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Choosing Effective Signage for Your Brand

Interior and exterior business signage are a key component to brick and mortar advertising. Window graphics and outdoor/environmental signage can reinforce your brand, drive sales, and help turn prospects into loyal customers.

Exterior Signage

One of the most important steps to convert leads into customers is getting a consumer to enter your shop or business. Window and environmental signage are unique marketing tactics that can help your company create a positive first impression and differentiate your business.

Outdoor signage must be bright and compelling enough to capture the interest of customers. Non-illuminated dimensional letters are a great option, especially if your business can be easily found in the evening. For retail signage, your graphics must be direct so customers know what to shop for and what promotions they can take advantage of.

If you have free space on your building, sidewalks or other surfaces that are not currently being utilized for marketing purposes, this equates to wasted space. Environmental graphics are any type of marketing designs that your target audience will see while out and about. This goes beyond standard storefront graphics and includes the valances and canopies at a gas station, window transoms, floor graphics, murals on the side of a building and other similar areas.

Interior Signage

The customer journey doesn’t end when a client enters your business. Interior signage can improve a customer’s shopping experience and can help leave a lasting impression, which may result in new and repeat customers.

Branding and corporate image signage gives customers an overall understanding of your business, even before they speak to an employee. Signs should portray your voice, brand, and image throughout your retail space. To visually represent your brand, display your logo with dimensional letters or graphics and share your mission or vision by incorporating them onto wall murals.

Partner with Signature Graphics

Adding signage to your business’ windows or outdoor environment is a great way to maximize your use of space, and you can rely on the professional design and printing team at Signature Graphics to help you create and install eye-catching graphics that improve your business. We can add your company’s name and logo to the front of your store and create enticing designs inside your business, transforming your space and attracting your target audience. We’re committed to helping you achieve the results you need, and we offer quality services with competitive rates.

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Reach out to our team and get started with your exterior and interior business signage. We can partner with you on all your design and printing needs.

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The Benefits of Vinyl Banner Printing

Your business is more than just products and services – it’s an entire customer journey, and how you promote your company will determine how your audience interacts with you.

Your brand’s retail marketing should encompass all channels, such as ads, promotions, social media, website, and signage. Businesses sometimes neglect the importance of robust print advertising for customer engagement, and instead focus their energy on digital channels. However, a study by FedEx Office reveals that 74% of consumers said they entered a store based solely on its signage. Remember that your business signage can have as much of an impact on your company as your website.

Do you wonder if there’s a way to get a higher return on investment for the signage that you purchase? If so, then your company should invest in vinyl banners.

Benefits of vinyl banner printing

Vinyl banner printing remains one of the most effective ways that you can locally advertise your business and increase foot traffic into your shop. Vinyl printed banners can seamlessly enhance your existing storefront, entryway, or your store’s interior without being overbearing. This incredibly versatile signage can make your business look more professional and cohesively express your brand voice.

Vinyl banner printing has numerous other advantages, including:

  • Cost-effective with a quick turnaround time
    You need to make sure that your investment in signage will pay off. Vinyl printed banners generally cost less than other signage options, and if you order in bulk, you may enjoy even more savings. Vinyl banners can be produced quickly, so they’re a great option if you need something right away.
  • Customizable
    The design possibilities with vinyl banner printing are near limitless – you can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and overall aesthetics. This customization potential gives you more freedom to advertise exactly the way you want.
  • Versatile and durable
    Vinyl banners can withstand a variety of weather conditions, so you can leave them in place during inclement weather. They’re also easy to hang and relocate and they maintain their quality and integrity over time. Because you won’t need to replace your signage as often, you can focus your time – and money – on other advertising ventures.

All signs point to success

Signage is a versatile business tool that has a myriad of applications, and it can serve as a visual medium that drives more attention to your business. Particularly, vinyl banners can help your business with brand recognition, give you a competitive advantage, and even increase sales.

The right signage design company can help you choose the best branding elements and narrative so that you get the most from your vinyl banner printing investment.

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Signature Graphics is a trusted company that you can work with for all your design and printing needs. Are you interested in designing and installing quality graphics at your business that will generate results and have long-lasting durability? Contact our team today to place your order.

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How to Use Wall Graphics and Murals to Build a Stronger Brand

Business owners know that it’s vitally important to invest resources in the products and services that their company sells. However, to gain brand recognition and attention from potential customers, you may find that you need something more.  

Do you want your business to make an impactful first impression? Grow your brand and add wall graphics and murals to your office spaces. Compelling visuals make a lasting impression on customers and showcase who your company is as a brand. Exterior signs help get customers through the door, and engaging murals and graphics for your business creates a memorable environment that people may want to visit again.

Why Are Wall Graphics and Murals Important?

Research suggests that people process visual information significantly faster and more efficiently than writing. Because your potential clients will absorb graphics more quickly than text, it’s vital that you can attract your consumers’ attention and keep them engaged in your business.

Wall graphics and murals are designed to seamlessly cover a wall in your office or retail space. Printed business wall murals can be easily installed onto nearly any surface, and they can help you create an atmosphere that caters to your unique brand.

Printed wall graphics have numerous benefits over painted murals. For example, you have more creative control over wall graphics, and you are not confined to what an artist can create with paint and a brush. Instead, your business has limitless options with printed murals: you can intermix your own pictures with stock photography, include digital illustrations, and add intricate designs to make a memorable impression and communicate your brand.

Wall Graphics and Murals Tell a Story

All companies have a story, and wall graphics can help to convey your business’ rich history in a larger-than-life format. Some companies choose graphics and murals that tell the stories of customers who have been positively affected by their business. These testimonials vouch for your business and convey your brand as a company that customers can trust.

Wall murals also serve as a powerful marketing tool that can get customers interested in your product through an impactful visual representation within your space. Because graphics offer a substantial brand building opportunity, take the time to think about your company’s core values and the best way to communicate them visually.

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Don’t wait to build a more engaging and impactful brand. When you partner with Signature Graphics, you benefit from a complete range of designing and printing services. Our graphics consist of quality 3M materials so that you can count on them to last.

Contact Signature Graphics today to set up a consultation with our team, and we will begin working on design ideas that meet your needs.

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Choosing the Right Type of Window Vinyl Coverage

Window vinyl coverings come in a range of different looks and styles to match your marketing needs. They can all be personalized to make sure that you get exactly what you need for a business, organization, or anything else.

Perforated Window Film

This type of window film is well-known, so it is asked for quite frequently, but it’s important to consider the parameters of your marketing campaigns to determine what’s best for your needs. While it can be customized and made to fit just about any purpose, it has a limited amount of durability and only lasts about one year. Even still, if you want to promote text, logos, or images, perforated window film it’s a great choice.

Opaque or Clear Vinyl

This type of window film is great for smaller logos or short text that is being applied to a window. Whether you are looking for something that will obscure what is inside or something as clear as possible (or something in the middle) choose from varying types of material to fit your needs. Plus, with Signature Graphics, you can customize them however you want with the help of our complimentary creative design team.

Crystalline Window Film

If you have ever driven down the road on a sunny day you’ve probably experienced the way the sun seems to shine directly in your eyes. Even sunglasses and sun visors prove ineffective. For fleet vehicle drivers, this can be costly without proper long-term UV protection.

At Signature Graphics we can help you get just the right crystalline series of film to protect your drivers from 99% of ultraviolet light without having to worry about reducing visibility. Not to mention this film can make your drivers more comfortable by reducing temperature by as much as 20◦F.

All crystalline window film can easily be removed whenever necessary. If you need to increase or decrease your tint (from six different levels) or if you return or sell the vehicle you can remove the film easily and without damage to the windshield.

Window and Retail Graphics

One of the best ways you can showcase your marketing messages is to decorate the windows at your business or retail establishment. We can help you create a custom design with our professional design and printing team, whether you are looking for a small logo or a large multi-window display.

Work with our team to develop the look you want, and we will help you create your message with the highest quality materials, and a team of national installers. Most of our graphics can be easily removed or replaced, leaving no adhesive residue behind upon removal.  

Window Vinyl Coverage Applications

How can you utilize window vinyl graphics for your business? What can’t you do? Promote seasonal sales in retail stores, return to business safely with social distancing graphics, or take your marketing to the next level with a variety of fleet graphics solutions for trailers, buses, emergency vehicles, and more!

Count on Signature Graphics to guide you in every step of the design and install process and rest assured you will receive the highest quality, effective window vinyl coverings to achieve your business and marketing goals.   

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The Signature Approach to Emergency Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to designing the ideal look for your fleet of emergency vehicles, you want something that will reflect the branding perspective of your organization. Police departments, healthcare, and fire departments all have safety and legal requirements their vehicle graphics must adhere to, and this varies across each region. 

What Your Emergency Vehicle Needs

Before branding your fleet of emergency vehicles, it is important to determine if your organization will be creating a new design or adapting a design from your current fleet.

You may be rolling out graphic updates slowly, or need to adapt your current fleet graphics to a fleet of new vehicles. Or maybe you are looking to rebrand an entire fleet, in this case replacing your current fleet graphics with a new design. Whether you are adapting your brand, or outfitting an entire fleet with a new design, it is critical to consult with your organization to determine the legal requirements your fleet graphics must follow as an emergency vehicle.

For example, if you are branding an ambulance, you must have a notice if your vehicle is carrying oxygen. Or perhaps your emergency vehicle must be recognizable from above by a helicopter. Vehicles that are carrying medical equipment, even equipment that is not considered hazardous, may need to mark their vehicles with this information.

What’s Out There?

Reflective film wraps are a popular choice for emergency vehicles, but depending on your department’s requirements, they do not necessarily have to be 100% reflective. To increase vehicle visibility, asset managers can select custom designs and colors, and can even turn your emergency vehicle into a symbol for exposure and awareness for different causes. With ample space, ambulances can be a great canvas for promoting breast cancer awareness.

Whatever requirements and awareness you must present, these can be worked into the material, design, and installation of your fleet graphics.

Resilient Graphics for Emergency Vehicles

At Signature Graphics, we understand that your emergency vehicles are in constant use and could get damaged over time. With our national installation network, we provide repair and replacement solutions to restore imperfections in no time. Our patented brandRESPONSE graphics management software brings you unparalleled visibility to your fleet’s graphics with real-time updates and intel from each graphic interaction.

We work with fleet managers, first-response teams, safety, and government officials to ensure your emergency vehicles are noticed on the road. The Signature approach is a comprehensive solution, considering an entire fleet’s branding perspective. Our team puts in the time to understand all the different assets and collaborates with asset managers to map a path of success for your organization.

Whatever your organization’s needs are, our teams at Signature Graphics will guide you in the right direction. As branding experts, and a history of experience branding emergency vehicle graphics, your fleet is in good hands.

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Looking to brand your fleet of emergency vehicles? Request a quote for your fleet or contact us at 219-929-3107.

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University of Missouri-Kansas City Promotes Research Study with Temporary Vinyl

When it comes to communicating with the public there is no shortage of mediums to promote information. The challenge is determining the best approach for delivering your message to your intended audience. The University of Missouri-Kansas City came to Signature Graphics with this similar challenge, and together we innovated a way to promote the university’s research study across Kansas City.

The research study focused on public transportation and gave valuable information for the city’s bus riders. Our team collaborated with the university and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) to create a roadmap for promoting the study that was cost-effective, adhered to safety guidelines, and reached the proper audience.

Considering the Alternatives

Our goal was to promote a QR code linking the study at various bus stops across the city, for bus riders to easily access.

Initially proliferated window film was considered, as these graphics can be easily applied in many locations. However, due to public transportation laws, all window treatments are required to be translucent, making the window film difficult to read. Another alternative that is quite common are magnets, as they are easy to apply and remove. But they can also be expensive, running upwards of $30-$50 per application.

Considering the safety and seasonal parameters of this project, our team recommended temporary opaque vinyl to be installed at each bus stop. Temporary vinyl is known for its visibility features, is inexpensive, and lasts up to 6 months. Additionally, the vinyl film can be removed without heat, with no adhesive residue left behind.

Sharing Research Across Kansas City

With our marching orders, we began installing the temporary vinyl at 12 different bus stops across the city. Since the bus stops looked almost identical, our team tracked each site by its intersection location. This enabled us to provide timely updates to the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the KCATA during installation. Our installers were able to get all 12 installations completed within a day and a half. 

The temporary opaque vinyl proved to be the right fit for promoting the research study across the city, as it adhered to safety codes, and enticed bus riders to snap the QR code and access the study.

We value our partners at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s and the KCATA, along with the innovation and collaboration required for this project.

Start Your Next Project with Signature Graphics

If you are looking for a partner to help you reach your marketing and business goals, count on Signature Graphics to help lead you in the right direction. Contact us today to speak to one of our branding specialists!  

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Forget These Myths About Vehicle Wrap Advertising

When done right, vehicle wraps are noticeable, eye-catching, and possibly the most dynamic form of marketing for your brand.

But the trouble is that horrible wrap jobs put marketers and businesses off this immense advertising opportunity.

That’s why we are here to set the record straight once and for all.

Here are some typical misunderstandings about vehicle wrap advertising and the facts that can put those myths to rest.

Myth 1: Vehicle Wrap Advertising Is Expensive

Several factors determine the final cost of the graphics – these include the type of material, manufacturing, anticipated durability, quantity, etc.

Chances are that you’ll find a vehicle wrap service that falls within your budget.

For example, Signature Graphics can tailor the design specs, colors, and other specifications of your fleet graphics, providing excellent value for money. Our representatives accurately evaluate your objectives, develop an affordable solution and offer you the most feasible solution. With Signature Graphics, this is a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off over time.

Myth 2: Vehicle Wrap Is Not Effective Advertising

Vehicle wraps cost a fraction of a conventional paint job. Technically, they are an effective and economical way to brand your business cars and make them a part of your marketing strategy.

Also, consider the fact that radio, TV, and billboard ads are recurring costs. If you want your audiences to see these again, you’ll have to pay for them as many times as you wish.

But a vehicle wrap is a one-time cost that can last for several years at a time or until it’s time to rebrand again. In fact, an RYP & Becker Group study reveals that an intercity vehicle with graphics can help companies generate around 70,000 impressions per day.

Furthermore, another study reveals that fleet vehicle graphics lead to 15 times more brand recognition as compared to any other form of advertising.

Myth 3: Can’t Prove Marketing ROI

Analytics software and other similar tools have made it easier than ever to find real-time marketing metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of vehicle branding.

Our brand new Roadvert solution position beacons on your automobiles to drive customer engagement for your campaign. These beacons communicate relevant, timely, and quite specific messages about your products and services to proximate smart devices and simultaneously collect the location data.

Furthermore, you can predict, track, and measure results and, ultimately, quantify your marketing ROI. Additionally, it enhances your overall customer acquisition efforts.

Myth 4: Fleet Graphics Aren’t Feasible For Seasonal Promotions

Another common myth about vehicle wrap advertising is that you can’t change or modify the graphics as needed.

Our Spedian Changeable Graphics are a cost-effective solution that enables you to revamp your vehicle graphics with negligible downtime.

Furthermore, Spedian requires no bolts, rivets, or screws, which helps you maximize your marketing efforts without making pricey alterations to your trailers.

Myth 5: Fleet Graphics Don’t Last

Fleet graphics are exceptionally durable, and you won’t need to change them for the next 5 to 7 years. Chances are that you’ll be bored of them long before that.

As long as you work with a reliable service that guarantees the quality of the material used, you won’t need to get your vehicles wrapped again for a very long time.

Signature Graphics works with you to determine your durability expectations, requirements and structure your program to exceed your overall expectations.

Contact Us

The fact of the matter is that vehicle wraps are an innovative and a great way to brand your products and services. And if you require an affordable solution to advertise your brand, this is the best possible solution.

You can count on us at Signature Graphics to provide you with exciting new car vinyl designs that are budget-friendly and great to look at. Get in touch with us to find out how we can exceed your expectations.

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Vehicle Graphics—What Are They Made Of?

Are you looking for novel ways to get the word out about your products or services? In that case, vehicle wraps are the perfect way to make the most of your advertising budget and achieve your marketing goals. These vinyl wraps can wrap around your cars, trailers, vans, and trucks, turning your business vehicles into traveling billboards.

Materials Used To Create Vehicle Graphics

At Signature Graphics, we use three kinds of graphic substrates: reflective material, calendared vinyl, and non-reflective vinyl. The differences between these lie in their durability and final look.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect:

Non-Reflective Vinyl

These are made from heavy-duty vinyl and have an adhesive side that sticks onto the vehicle. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strengthens the material, making these wraps extremely durable.

Non-reflective vinyl wraps also contain plasticizers to add flexibility that allows for small expansions and contractions in the graphic due to temperature changes. The plasticizers also make bumps and small scrapes completely unnoticeable.

Non-reflective vinyl wraps were the primary form of vehicle graphics when they first became popular. One of the biggest problems people faced while using these graphics was fading and cracking.

Since then, manufacturers have developed vinyl compositions that can withstand heat and light without fading or cracking. Your vehicle graphic will stand out and look good as new even if your van or car has been in the sun for hours. The UV absorbers and heat stabilizers in the vinyl protect it, thereby helping you enjoy your graphics for around five years.

Calendared Vinyl

Calendared vinyl gets its name from the calendaring manufacturing method, which uses massive high-temperature steel rollers to press the vinyl into a thin sheet. The formulation comprises liquid softener, PVC powder, and custom colors as needed.

The process uses multiple rolls to make the vinyl thinner, wider, and more uniform. The vinyl’s temperature is high due to the heated rollers when it gets to the embossing stage. At this point, an embossing roll imprints a pattern on the film and makes it achieve the necessary gloss level.

High-grade calendared vinyl uses polymeric plasticizers, but its cheaper versions use monomeric plasticizers. Depending on the grade of calendared vinyl, it could last you between one and seven years.

Calendared films made using modern manufacturing methods shrink less, have better conformability, and are glossier and thinner than those produced initially. However, since they’re usually thicker than other vinyl wraps, they’re best-suited to vehicles with flat surfaces or gentle curves.

Reflective Material

Ambulances, emergency trucks, and police cars use reflective vinyl decals that are prominent at night. Reflective vinyl materials aren’t made for morning use—it’s made for night visibility when the only sources of illumination are motor headlights or street lights. Using reflective vinyl wraps eliminates the need for electric lighting.

Reflective vinyl offers users a more limited choice of colors. Moreover, there’s also a shift in hue from daytime to nighttime. For example, while white reflective vinyl appears white at night, it’s grayish or pearlescent in the daytime.

The basic kinds of reflective vinyl include retro-reflective and prismatic varieties. Retro-reflective vinyl comprises pigment and glass beads to reflect emitted light, enabling the user to read the viewer or decal.

Prismatic vinyl wraps use tiny prisms in their base. These prisms split and reflect emitted light, thereby directing it back towards the viewer.

Selecting The Right Vinyl For Your Vehicles

Below is a list of the types of custom graphic wraps we create.

  • Car and truck wraps: These are ideal for you, whether you have a service fleet of large vans or small cars.
  • Trailer wraps: If you own a trailer, it’s a massive advertising board that sends your message to the many cars that travel behind them on roads and freeways.
  • Emergency vehicle graphics: These reflective designs add nighttime visibility to your emergency vehicles.
  • Spedian changeable graphics: These are best for seasonal promotions since they use no nuts or bolts—thereby cutting advertising costs for you.
  • Straight and box truck graphics: These graphics help you make the most of your vehicle fleet by reinforcing brand messaging.
  • Van and step graphics: You can introduce a new product or reinforce brand messaging using these graphics for your van fleet.

If you’re looking for a custom vehicle graphic to advertise your business, look no further than Signature. Contact us today for custom-made solutions that help you stand out from your competitors with our high-quality decals, signs, and graphics advertisements.

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What To Consider When Branding Your Fleet

Whether your brand has a full-fledged fleet operation or a single van for delivery operations, vehicle wraps are a cost-effective, creative way of adding value to your marketing campaign.

According to research, 98% of people consider fleet branding to be more effective than billboard graphics. They not only like seeing vehicles that are decked out in their brand colors, but also appreciate businesses that go the extra mile!

It’s the perfect way to ensure that your target audiences won’t be able to ignore your business vehicles.

In most companies, the marketing department is responsible for everything from conceptualization to the execution of fleet branding. But they usually hire a vendor to help them execute those designs.

And many others simply outsource the entire function, hiring an agency to both design and print fleet wraps.

Use Fleet Graphics To Build Brand Awareness

To make a lasting impression on your customer, you must stay in front them and ensure repeated exposure.

This is best done through branding your fleet with the right graphics.

Are your vehicles out and about for most of the day? In that case, branding them with your logo, website, and contact number is an effective way to continuously remind onlookers about your services.  It acts as a constant re-enforcement of your presence and provides a consistent branding structure for your vehicles.

In fact, 97% of respondents admit to recalling a message advertised by a vehicle. This is clear proof that vinyl wraps work.

Branding your fleet is also a great way of expanding your audience.

Because fleet wraps are always on the go, you can attract and inform audiences in and around your service area. Messages on your fleet can be changed to target specific demographic audiences.

If you’re still determining your strategy, make sure that your design agency or team has access to the following:

Cutting-Edge Vinyl Wrap Print Technology

Using a state-of-the-art wide-format digital printer is nothing like the HP you use at the office. A lot more goes into creating a vibrant and true-to-color image when printing car wraps.

You’ll want to work with someone who uses the best quality vinyl and delivers a powerful print profile. That’s the only way to maximize your marketing dollar and ensure that your fleet vehicles look good doing it.

Unfortunately, many print shops don’t care for these elements, delivering over or under saturated images that look bad.

We understand that high-quality prints are a must. That’s why we utilize the finest design technologies that can hold up well over time and suit all your advertising needs.

Installation Services

Here at Signature Graphics, we provide our clients with vehicle wraps appropriate for long-term campaigns and short-term promotions.

If you think installing a wrap is as easy as putting on a giant sticker, you are wrong!

It took our technicians countless hours of practice and wasted material to learn the right way to install a wrap. That’s what gives them complete expertise over different materials used to make vehicle wraps.

Trimming the wrap is possibly the most critical aspect of the installation. It requires excellent technique and a steady hand because if the excess wrap material isn’t cut and tucked carefully, your car will end up looking terrible.

Vehicle graphics should like a paint job, and we know just how to do it right.

We are a part of a national installation network that delivers fast graphics installation, wherever you need.

Inventory And Fulfillment

When you’re researching for the right company or vendor to take care of your fleet graphics, make sure that you are aware of their ordering system. Do they have a 24/7 ordering system? Can you order graphics on a demand-basis?

These things are essential to know for efficient brand management. Signature Graphics can provide you with weekly updates about your inventory levels, design storage, and distribution facility. We also offer an in-house storage facility if your in-house storage facility has no space.

Our in-house Brand Management software, brandRESPONSE lets clients audit, monitor and review all their branding projects as we design and manage them. This ensures efficient communication between our designers and clients, making the entire process run smoothly.

Contact Us

We understand that you want to build your brand and entice your target audience to contact you when they need your products or services. We will work closely with you to design graphics you love and install them with beautiful results. Get in touch with our experienced team at Signature Graphics today to learn more about our design and installation services.

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Large Venue Event Graphics For Social Distancing

The global pandemic changed the way people interact with each other in homes, workspaces, and across the world at large. As Governments implement social distancing rules, people have had to adopt these safety protocols as part of a ‘new normal.’ These precautions have become a way of life.

So as we move forward into 2021, large events like concerts, weddings, and conferences are possible only if social distancing guidelines are followed. Event organizers must do everything in their power to mitigate the attendee’s fears of safety.

Printed banners and posters are the perfect way to educate visitors at large venues and ensure that your event is successful.

What Are Some Of The Way You Can Use Event Signage And Graphics?

Using print graphics are an effective way to remind your customers about safety precautions during an event and can be easily be used for multiple occasions and areas, according to the size of your event.

Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to your guests’ safety through event signage:

At Entrances And Exits

If you have a vast space, you might have multiple entrances to your main venue. If that’s the case, you should have signage at different entrances and exits for people to navigate their way around the forum easily.

People entering and exiting from the same place can lead to close contact and elbow-touching, which do not comply with safety protocols. Clearly marked entrances and exit-ways can also help control traffic flow since it encourages one-way traffic patterns.

To Welcome Your Customers

Participating in social events after a global lockdown will make people feel a tad bit weird. However, a simple “Welcome Back” sign can make them feel comfortable in a once-familiar space and fill them with enthusiasm for the activities that they have been missing

These little gestures go a long way in helping your clients feel pride and happiness.  With increasing competition between entertainment spaces, your customers appreciate of your service can be a huge differentiating factor that can make you stand out.

To Control The Flow Of Foot Traffic

Wayfinding or directional signs to point people towards the right way can without detailed maps or explanations. Well-designed and adequately placed directional signage can also help people feel more comfortable at your event while maintaining a safe distance.

To Maintain Proper Social Distancing

Without prompting directions, people may get lost in their surroundings and forget to maintain distance while interacting. Social distancing signs can remind people to stand 6 feet apart, wear a mask, and use a sanitizer every time they contact a surface. You can also use floor graphics spaced six feet apart to remind people where to stand in a queue.

To Provide Essential Information

Essential information such as conveying the early symptoms of the virus, proper ways of wearing a mask, or the importance of using a hand sanitizer can promote a pro-active and healthy environment for your event.

You can display warning signs at the entrance telling people to visit the event only if they feel healthy.

Helpful posters help your visitors understand the right course of action in case they see anyone with questionable health in the venue or who to contact if they start feeling off themselves.

All in all, colorful and easy-to-understand banners are the perfect way to inform and inspire your venue’s visitors as they attend your event.

Keep Your Design Simple

Since your wayfinding signage and event posters are the first things that people will look at, they must be clear, legible, and easily visible from a distance. Use a color scheme that matches and enhances your brand colors, and make sure to employ typography that is bold and catchy to read.

You can count on Signature Graphics to make event graphics and signage that can be re-used year after year to build a safe and trustworthy relationship with customers.

If you’re looking to organize a large event, get in touch with our team today!