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Tax Deductions on Vehicle Advertising Wraps

Small businesses like ours know the importance of saving when you can and making the most out of your expenses.

Suppose you are already shelling out capital for a fleet of vehicles and maintenance. In that case, the logical step is to use that fleet to deliver your company’s message, branding, deals, and contact information.

Vehicle wraps can punch up your fleet and give you a tax-deductible advertising option.*

What can be tax-deductible for vehicle wraps?

Like most advertising expenses, wrap-around vehicle graphics are included in what the IRS can deem “ordinary and reasonable” miscellaneous tax deductibles.

Decals and partial wraps also can be considered tax-deductible when on a company-owned vehicle.

Other regular advertising expenses fall under the “ordinary and reasonable” category. Vehicle wraps can be considered the same as other advertising signs, such as banners, and be tax-deductible.

Often the creation of a vehicle wrap – such as design and labor costs – also fall into the miscellaneous tax deductibles.

Your business can get money back on the expenses of advertising on its company-owned vehicles, which are already necessary for your organization’s operations.

Watch Out for These Common Pitfalls

Don’t fall under the pitfall of classifying a vehicle wrap as a business expense if you are also trying to deduct everyday wear and tear, and mileage.

There are also tax-deductible issues if the vehicle wrap is used on a personal vehicle.

Please note, we are not accountants or tax experts. Before filing, be sure to check with a tax attorney or CPA for the specific laws and tax codes in the state(s) you operate.

And always keep your receipts! The IRS likes proof of how you do business.

Let’s get started

Contracting with Signature Graphics – in most situations – can be considered tax-deductible. Contact Signature Graphics today to start working on compelling advertising graphics for your fleet.

*Signature Graphics is not a CPA or tax attorney. Please consult your attorney or CPA for specific laws and tax codes in the state(s) you operate.

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