Final Mile Vehicle Branding
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Adapting Your Brand for Final Mile Light & Medium Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to delivering your brand and message, your fleet’s graphics can do it for you from start to finish.

Closing that Final Mile is critical to customer satisfaction. Consumers want the goods and services they order, and they want them quickly.

Brand consistency and getting your message to a customer’s door in the Final Mile is more challenging than ever with the introduction of light and medium-duty vehicles.

The additional fleet vehicles cause disruption and disjoint consistency in your brand from vehicle type to vehicle type.

How we can help

Signature Graphics, an Omnicom Company, provides more than just the physical fleet graphics for your company. We offer a multi-level agency experience that takes a birds-eye view of planning your branding and delivery across the board.

Our established network of installation experts, experienced designers, and a proprietary inventory and project management tool (brandRESPONSE) delivers quality to every vehicle.

brandRESPONSE lays out a road map that helps you remotely navigate real-time results from your fleet branding. It helps provide brand consistency across all vehicles, no matter where they are, by storing data and inventory availability all in one location.

Signature Graphics forecasts and tracks graphics’ lifespan and provides best practices for avoiding their deterioration and rollout of updated ones when necessary.

Start Branding Your Final Mile Vehicles Today

Contact Signature Graphics today for a final mile solution to consistently brand your fleet and deliver messages to customers at all points.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.