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According to a study by RYP & Becker Group, a single intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million impressions in a year.

There are a lot of variables that affect the cost of graphics. These include the type of material, quantity, method of manufacture, anticipated durability, etc. These impact the price of your graphics project. Signature Graphics can customize a fleet graphics project to meet your budget needs, while at the same time providing the best value for that price. The best way to develop an accurate cost is to have one of our representatives evaluate your needs and objectives to provide an accurate cost-of-sale solution.

There are three primary types of graphic substrates: non-reflective vinyl, calendared vinyl, and reflective material. Each has a specific purpose and durability. We’ll work with you to identify the correct material for your image and durability expectations. Each product also has a pre-coated adhesive on the back for application to your vehicle or another surface.

Vinyl graphics are more durable than paints. They can be removed at the end of a vehicle’s life cycle, eliminating the need to paint over existing painted graphics. Vinyl graphics are, typically, more cost-effective than painted graphics and can also be applied in a fraction of the time.

Signature Graphics has the most extensive experience in our industry when it comes to installing graphics. No need to bring your vehicles to us. We travel to where your vehicles are located and, using the latest techniques and procedures, apply your graphics quickly and cost-effectively. Signature Graphics can also remove your current graphics if needed.

Your vehicle needs to be washed completely of any debris that would interfere with a smooth graphic application. The vehicle also needs to be completely dry. We prefer to install graphics in an indoor facility that’s heated or cooled to a normal temperature. Signature’s Installation Department will work with you to find the best solution.

Your graphics can last up to eight or nine years, depending on the material used and method of manufacture. Signature Graphics will work with you to determine durability expectations and engineer your program to exceed your durability requirements.

You can, but it is not necessary. We have the most recognized, in-house design team for fleet graphics in our industry. Using our design resources, as well as a database of nearly 4,000 vehicle and equipment specifications, we can easily adapt an image for you based on the actual vehicle or equipment on which the image is to be applied. You may need to provide digital files, logos, or images that you wish to incorporate. Your Signature Graphics representative can give you file specifications to ensure your images are properly reproduced.

Before production of any new items, we provide full-size line art, color matches, proofs, etc. for your review and approval. These elements can be placed on the actual vehicle or equipment to evaluate the size, proportions, color, etc.

Once the production art and purchase orders are approved by you, the graphics go into production. From start to finish, the process can take anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on variables like availability to the material you selected, press workload, etc.

The simplest answer is: it depends. Are there graphics that first need to be removed? That’s the first step. If not, then installation usually moves quickly in ideal conditions. Full wraps on large vehicles like vans take about a day. Partial graphics can be applied very quickly. Your sales representative can give you an accurate timeframe, once your order is processed.

Our standard terms are invoice, net 30 days. We will work with you to develop an invoicing method that works best for you. Graphics are typically quoted F.O.B. Porter, Indiana.

We pride ourselves on our fulfillment system. We can produce, inventory, and distribute your graphics all over the world from our warehouse. We will manufacture your graphics according to our agreed-upon quantities, then ship your graphics to you, your OEM, upfitter, and facilities as determined by you, according to their build or delivery schedule.

Initially, graphics are ordered with a signed sales order or P.O. from you. Subsequent orders can be placed via fax, e-mail, mail, or online using a dedicated, secure ordering system accessible via our website. This online system can show kit or piece prices, current order activity, current inventory status, a picture or image of each media kit or part, etc. We would be happy to demonstrate this service for you.

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