woman making a design on a computer with a program

In-House Design

Need Design?

Designing for vehicles, stores, and environmental spaces can be challenging. Signature Graphics has an expert brand adaptation graphic design team to help translate your brand to any surface. We go through the detail of identifying each vehicle’s make and model, measuring retail design area, and environmental areas to ensure there is a perfect fit. Every project and asset has its own challenges and unexpected hurdles.

What to Expect

Our team will take you through a design process to ensure your brand is effectively represented on any surface. Our process is as follows:

Our design team has seen it all and you can be at ease that your brand will be effectively communicated and represented on any surface.


We’ll meet with your brand ambassadors and collect all necessary guidelines for your brand. During that discovery meeting, we’ll ask open-ended questions to gather your goals and vision for the assets or space needing design.


We’ll mock-up design schemes for every asset and space for your approval through our innovative and proprietary brand management system, brandRESPONSE.


We’ll make any adjustments to the design based on your feedback and earn your approval. Our team will also organize certified installers and manage the installation through completion.