laptop with Safeway trailer design layout and specifications on it

Design Specifications

Follow Our Four-Step Process to Brand Success

Developing a successful brand and supportive graphics means refining your message, targeting your ideal audience, and applying final designs to the specifications your stakeholders prefer. Signature Graphics believes in client success and offers this four-step process for the most profitable graphics projects. New clients can email Signature Graphics representatives directly to start our end-to-end design process. For a quote, submit a request through our online form. If you need further assistance, call us at 1-800-356-3256.

Evaluate Company Assets

Each wall and window, each truck and tractor offers an opportunity to advertise and obstacles to installation. Noting fine details with precise engineering and measurements, Signature Graphics cuts frustration and installs designs on any asset. Task us with customization of even the most complex surfaces, and our design professionals accurately render the surface to create a unique template.

Design Distinct Images

After assessment and rendering of your company assets for graphic design, we also navigate the crucial challenge of dimensionality. By placing logos and text expertly, you’ll avoid warping, distortion, and difficulty with Signature Graphics. See how our designs navigate surface curvature, wheel wells, and other characteristics by having us consult on your designs before printing.

Prepare Graphics Files

Once your designs take their final form, you’ll supply all links and fonts in your layout with logos in vector format and colors in Pantone annotation (PMS). This allows us to apply and install your graphics true to design. Send Signature Graphics your high-resolution images and scans to discover the designs we can create for your business, space, or community.

Submit Ready Designs

Once you start working with Signature Graphics, use your client login to access design resources and submit final files. Your access gives you control over your design project and allows you to manage all outcomes. Submit your formatted files to our platform using our Electronic Art Submission Guidelines. Signature Graphics will immediately start producing profit-promoting wraps, decals, murals, signs, and more.