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brandRESPONSE: The Ultimate Resource for Brand Managers

BrightView Wrapped Truck Signature Graphics

Signature Graphics’ brandRESPONSE was developed as a resource for brand owners to manage all branding aspects of their vehicles over their assets’ life cycles. Fleets of 100 vehicles to 20,000+ utilize brandRESPONSE to correctly identify and classify their vehicles by the branding on them.

The brandRESPONSE system brings you a clear understanding and increased control of your branding content for any size business, providing real-time results for each vehicle so you know what messages are being used in locations across the country and around the world.

We provide accurate, ongoing results on the implementation of branding on each individual vehicle, showing you:

  • Geographical data
  • Asset-related data
  • Real-time branding implementation data

brandRESPONSE is your source for a complete look at all your project variables, giving you and your marketing and operations departments a clear understanding of your current signage and future rollouts. Whether your initiatives are large or small, our system ensures you stay on top of your company messaging, indicating the current branding status for each vehicle and region. Review results in real-time for greater control of roll-outs and better management of expectations.

We are professionals at producing the quality graphic solutions you need and consistent and reliable tracking of your brand messages across the globe. How do we do it? We are part of a global network of communications companies and work in collaboration with our parent company Omnicom Group for greater information access and solid financial backing for ongoing results.

BrightView’s brandRESPONSE Success Story

Our partnership with BrightView is an example of the size of work and level of complexity we can deliver. BrightView has over 10,000 assets with over 1,000 band designs in 479 locations. Our job was to rebrand each asset with new graphics, changing the company name from Brickman/ValleyCrest to BrightView, in a timeline of 180 days.

BrightView and Signature Graphics, before and after

To accomplish this, we used between 10-15 of our Signature Graphics locations, completing four units per branch per workday. We utilized our brandRESPONSE tool to report daily progress to BrightView, customizing the data to their needs, and implementing systems changes for greater control of expectations.

 “brandRESPONSE made the management of a very complex project easier and more efficient. Signature Graphics was quick to respond with solutions and system changes based on our feedback. The tool was leveraged by a significant number of BrightView leadership to find information quickly, all the way down to the unit level.”

With Signature Graphics’ brandRESPONSE, you get the data you need for greater control of your messaging rollout and up-to-date results to manage customer expectations.

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