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Crystalline Window Film

Window film enhances driver safety and comfort for companies that prioritize a driver-centric culture.

Signature Graphics is the sole brand activation organization that can also supply and install window film. We specialize in fleet-based media solutions for our partners, and as we install their unique branding to those vehicles, we can also provide a means to ensure their drivers’ comfort and safety.

UV Protection & Enhanced Driver Comfort

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Protecting them on their routes demonstrates your commitment to prioritizing their health and wellbeing. In an article from The Huffington Post Canada, “driving has been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure through the windows, which do not filter UVA rays.”* Window film offers superior UV protection compared to SPF by blocking 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light, equivalent to an SPF of 1000. This helps provide vehicle occupants with significant protection from harmful UV rays. For companies concerned about driver retention or looking to cultivate a driver-centric culture, enhanced comfort can serve as an incentive and a differentiator from your competitors. Signature Graphics’ window film series features a light tinted film capable of rejecting more heat than many of the darkest tinted films available in the market. In a thermal study conducted by 3M, there was a maximum temperature reduction of up to 20°F for a tractor with crystalline window film installed.*

Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows without Changing Your Vehicle’s Appearance

The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film nano-technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films. This equates to being able to see clearly and safely without changing the appearance of your vehicle. Avoidance of modifications to vehicle appearance is especially beneficial for companies with leased service vehicles. With six levels of tint to choose from, you can go from virtually undetectable to noticeable, and for those that choose the latter, Signature Graphics can easily remove the film at your vehicle’s end of the lease. For both leased and owned vehicles, UV rejection capabilities can prevent the fading and deterioration of interior fabrics and leather.

For Any Vehicle Make and Model

This solution can be applied to any vehicle make and model, including vans, pickups, tractor cabs, straight trucks, and is particularly beneficial for fleets residing in the sunbelt states. Our Signature Certified Installers provide national installation coverage, utilize templates to ensure a perfect fit for your fleet’s windows, and take into consideration the timing of application by installing during your vehicle’s downtime. The film resides on the interior side of your vehicle’s windows, which prevents exposure to the elements and ensures they look as good years down the road as the day of installation. Additionally, our films are durable, virtually maintenance-free, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Crystalline Window Film Series was issued the first sun-control window film patent in 1966, and our innovative window film products have helped provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays for 50 years.

Signature Innovation

A core component of what Signature Graphics offers to our partners is innovation. Our services are aligned with those of a brand caretaker more than those of a large-format graphics printer, and what we strive to provide to our clients is consistent innovation in the pursuit of ensuring they achieve their brand goals.

*3M Crystalline Thermal Study
**Source: Bill McElligott, Delivery Truck Driver, Has Severe Sun Damage On One Side Of His Face: Read article here.

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