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Introducing brandRESPONSE: Real-time Visibility of Your Brand in the Field

Signature Graphics brandRESPONSE on laptop

Managing branding initiatives across a wide geographical area or through conversions of numerous assets can be a challenge without the right resources. Signature Graphics’ brandRESPONSE minimizes your responsibility of managing project implementation.

We developed a highly customized project and asset management tool for our partners so we could report your project progress in real-time and deliver you instant access to all the critical data you need.  This allows you to report, manage, and communicate with accuracy on the management of your brand activation campaigns.  In all likelihood, you and your fleet are located in different locations.  brandRESPONSE closes the geographical gap by giving you remote access to your branding campaigns.

Consistency is the most important thing you can do for your brand identity. brandRESPONSE ensures your ability to validate the consistent application of your branding across various equipment, locations, and regions through storing all project- and asset-related data in one convenient location.

Signature Graphics brandRESPONSE capabilities

How We Give Your Brand Unparalleled Visibility

1) Audit:

We audit your fleet assets that will carry your creative, and scout facilities & OEM partnerships to formulate a branding strategy.

2) Import:

We import the audited data about your fleet into brandRESPONSE.

3) Monitor:

Through brandRESPONSE, track & report on your fleet marketing projects as we manage it all: design adaptations, manufacturing, shipping, and installation of your branding elements.

4) Communicate:

Comment on tasks, review important files and documentation, check-in on task progress, and share project updates about your fleet with stakeholders.

5) Manage:

Use brandRESPONSE to continue conversions, as your fleet grows or turns over, and to house all your fleet branding data in one location.

We know that disseminating knowledge to you about your project is essential to its success. Put your fleet marketing at your fingertips with Signature Graphics’ brandRESPONSE.

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