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Four Benefits of Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home advertising is the No. 1 most viewed and uninterrupted form of advertising.

Out-of-home advertising — which includes billboards, fleet graphics on vehicles, digital billboards, retail window graphics, sky banners pulled by airplanes, backlit graphic displays, bench advertising, building advertising and more — is an extremely effective way to get your message in front of many, many eyes.

Here are some of the benefits of OOH graphics that you should consider as an advertiser or business owner:

1) Reach

More than 90 percent of the nation is touched by out-of-home advertising every day. Your customers unobtrusively see these advertisements everywhere, every single day. Unlike digital advertising, there is no “close” button or “skip advertisement” button.

2) Generate Attention and Interest

Out-of-home advertising meets your audience in a variety of places, out in their everyday environments. Signature Graphics makes sure your billboards, fleet graphics and other out-of-home advertisements generate attention and attract the interest of those who see them. We will get you the kind of engagement that leads to action.

3) Size

One advantage for out-of-home advertisers is the extremely large canvas it provides: Billboards, fleet graphics and other similar advertising are generally very large, giving Signature Graphic’s talented designers plenty of space, often in a wide format, to exercise the kind of creativity that practically guarantees you will win customer attention.

4) Constant Innovation

OOH is advertising’s oldest form, so we are always finding ways to be different and stand out in each environment. For instance, we can use proximity beacon marketing to help you deliver a personalized, dynamic consumer experience. Proximity beacons help you focus your communications in high traffic areas and transmit timely, relevant and targeted messages to potential customers.

Contact Signature Graphics to learn more! Our OOH graphic designers are some of the most creative at work today. It takes real talent to make advertisements stand out and attract attention in such a diverse array of environments, and our designers bring it to life.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.