Proximity Beacon Marketing
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Activate & Engage Your Brand Awareness with Proximity Beacon Marketing

Diversify your marketing efforts and retain your audience’s attention with proximity beacon marketing.

What is a beacon?

Beacons collect and transmit timely, relevant, specific messages about your products or services to nearby smart devices while collecting data.

A beacon advertising campaign with Signature Graphics takes advantage of our expertise in fleet graphics and environmental advertising by focusing your messages in high traffic areas where your consumers frequent. By equipping these graphics with beacons, your awareness campaigns will build in location data collection and be able to continuously market to consumers.

It’s called proximity marketing. The beacons are just a device that captures information about your target audience and enables you to capitalize on the use of smart devices in an area to engage your them via notifications.

Why Proximity Marketing with Signature Graphics

Proximity marketing can turn a static consumer experience into a personalized dynamic one. Specific messaging can be delivered to a user’s smart device through apps, and calls-to-action can be delivered according to the users actions or location.

Whether it’s a promotion, events, or useful information, the notifications delivered via beacon marketing campaign help personalize the experience of the target audience.

Signature Graphics, an Omincom Company, can help harness the power of your fleet and environmental graphics to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices. We find a blend of physical, visual, and digital experiences, that lead to maximizing your ability to retain your target audience and engage them.

We help get you closer to that advertising philosophy, The Rule of Seven.* Proximity marketing via beacons can net up to three impressions – nearly half of how many times a consumer needs to see a message to register and retain it – with one campaign.

See how Signature Graphics can develop a campaign that benefits you by contacting us.

*The Rule of Seven is a timeless marketing concept that states consumers usually don’t take action with your brand until you’ve made seven separate impressions on them. Those impressions have to be different. For example, 20 impressions of a social media ad would only count as 1 impression. But a social

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.