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Efficiency in Execution: Streamlining Fleet Graphics Projects for Agencies

Vehicles branded with fleet graphics pull double-duty: they continuously deliver results all while taking care of business. Fleet graphics are not only cost-effective, they’re high-impact

If you’re a marketing or advertising agency working on fleet graphics for a client, you know that there are extra steps involved in the execution of your project. Luckily, with a little advance planning and the right partner, you can take the stress out of fleet graphic projects for your agency. Follow our tips to learn how to streamline your next fleet graphic project.

Proper Planning: The Fleet Graphic Design Phase

A streamlined fleet graphics project takes logistics into consideration right from the get-go. Not only do you need a functional and eye-catching design, it’s imperative to think about the make and model of your client’s vehicles for maximum effect. Does your client have a mixed fleet that requires multiple versions of the same design? With advanced planning, you can tackle this with ease. 

First, familiarize yourself with fleet graphic design best practices. Next, optimize your design to be consistent with your client’s brand. It should be easily readable, even at high speeds. Finally, tweak your design to work with the make and model of each vehicle in your client’s fleet, not against it. If you’re working with a mixed fleet, this step might include customizing your design to multiple makes and models.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. Working with a trusted partner can ease worries and help shrink this step to a manageable size. At Signature Graphics, we offer affordable and professional design without sacrificing quality. We’re experts at working with agencies to produce high-quality fleet graphics that align with their client’s brands and goals. Get a creative team with an impressive track record so you’re sure to deliver a beautiful design that exceeds your client’s expectations. 

Efficient Execution: The Fleet Graphic Installation Phase

Now that you have a beautiful design, it’s time to put it to work. We’ll work with you to provide your client with high-quality vinyl graphics and streamlined installation. When you choose quality materials and proper installation, your client’s investment lasts longer. 

As a 3M partner company, Signature Graphics uses only the highest-quality material in every project. In addition, we’ve honed our installation process for more than 3 decades and can install fleet graphics on time anywhere in the U.S., giving both your agency and your client results and peace of mind.

Meticulous Management: The Fleet Graphic Maintenance Phase

Coordinating fleet graphic production and installation is a job all unto itself. Excellent management is the key to a streamlined and stress-free fleet graphic project. At Signature Graphics, we’ve turned brand management into an art. We offer unparalleled service and support including 24/7 online ordering and lighting fast fulfillment. There’s a reason that brands all over the country work with us again and again. 

Most importantly, our proprietary tracking and reporting tool, brandRESPONSE, makes fleet management a breeze.Signature Graphics provides all agencies access to our proprietary remote management system brandRESPONSE. This is the ultimate tool for marketing agencies that want to manage asset inventory, track installations, and maintain their client’s brands to the highest level.

What makes brandRESPONSE special is the up-to-the-minute reporting at a highly granular level. Here’s how it works:

  • Audit—Signature Graphics will audit every asset involved in your client’s commercial fleet graphics program. Then, we’ll scout facilities and partnerships essential to your strategy.
  • Import—All audited data is then imported into brandRESPONSE
  • Monitor—Use brandRESPONSE to track and report on every aspect of branding as it happens: adaptations, manufacturing, shipping, and installation.
  • Communicate—Provide input on tasks across every location, review important files and documentation, and be in touch with stakeholders across the lifecycle of each project. 
  • Manage—Add new assets and track branding data all in one place. 

When you work with Signature Graphics, you’ll stay updated on every aspect of your client’s fleet graphic branding project as it happens. 

Choose Signature Graphics as Your Agency’s Fleet Graphics Partner

Signature Graphics streamlines the fleet graphics process with fantastic results. Our approach allows you to keep your client’s needs at the forefront and deliver a high-quality product and experience. You’ll see the benefits from our clear communication, fearless tenacity, and consistent hard work.

Choose Signature Graphics for your fleet graphics partner to deliver high-quality fleet graphics and excellent customer experience to your clients. Get started by requesting a quote today!

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.