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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fleet Branding

The Do's and Don'ts of Fleet Branding

Choosing the Right Vendor:

Do: Seek experience. Ask to see a portfolio of similar projects and request references.
Don’t: Select a vendor solely based on price.

The most important “do” of investing in fleet graphics, is finding the right partner to work with. When researching vendors, ask to view a portfolio of their work or even request references from them. Choosing a vendor, based solely on price and without any investigation, can lead you to a partnership with an unqualified one. Communication is key in this discovery phase. Ask questions, such as, what supportive services and tools do you offer? What is your typical turnaround time? We also recommend that you communicate your durability needs to any potential vendors. As we discussed in a previous post, high quality materials can last you eight to ten years.

Creating a Design:

Do: Simple, vibrant designs work best on this type of medium.
Don’t: Clutter your design by cramming as much information as you can into it.

When employing fleet graphics as a marketing medium, you have seconds to convey your messaging to your customers and prospects. Make sure the messaging is simple and vibrant. Graphics that are cluttered and crammed with too much information will not make a memorable impact.

Certifications and Warranties:

Do: Work with a company that employs certified professionals to install your graphics.
Don’t: Work with a company that doesn’t use warranted material.

Installing fleet graphics is a specialized job. It requires certifications and experience to perform correctly. Ask your vendor about their installers’ certification processes. You should also inquire about the warranties on the materials used. High quality material, such as 3M, produces warranted products that are rigorously tested for performance and duration. Warranted materials protect finished graphics and brand reputations.

For more advice, reach out to us. Our experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have. As the lead branding solution provider, Signature Graphics has over 30 years of industry experience and can bring bold insights to your next branding campaign.

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