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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fleet Branding

It’s true that your vehicle wrap design is a masterpiece of sorts.

But remember – it’s a masterpiece that will be viewed for an average of five seconds. When drivers pass your vinyl wrapped vehicle on the road, it’s unlikely that they’ll take the time to decode a clever message hidden in your branding. Your fleet graphics should be simple, vibrant, easy to understand, and cohesive to your overall brand. It’s also important that your creative fleet branding be professionally installed and made of materials that stand the test of time.

If that sounds like a lot to consider, don’t worry. We’ve put together a quick list of the main do’s and don’ts of fleet branding and vehicle graphics to help you avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of your fleet graphics and branding.

Do’s and Don’ts of Fleet Graphics & Fleet Branding

DO wait to get your vehicle template before designing the wrapEnsure all your vehicle’s obstructions such as handles, gas caps, toolboxes, and racks are in the proper place on the template. Placing text on these obstructions will block or distort your message, making it hard to read.

DON’T assume people will view your vehicle straight on. As a moving, 3D object, your vehicle will be viewed from all angles, with your audience usually seeing two sides at once. Avoid misaligned image bleeds that can look sloppy and unprofessional. 

DO use simple fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Fancy fonts may look cool, but they can take too long to decipher for an audience only viewing the vehicle for a matter of seconds.

DON’T place your text on or near doors and windows. Leave about 4” of space around text to give it some “breathing room.” The message will be easier to digest with ample amounts of space around the text.

DO keep your design simple and vibrant to get results. Remember, five seconds is the average time a potential client spends viewing your graphics. Choose a design and message can easily be consumed in five seconds.

DON’T be afraid to be creative and don’t try to mimic a competitor’s theme. You want to stand out and establish your own brand, not be associated with a competitor.

DO seek experience. Ask to see a portfolio of similar projects and request references. It’s important to find the right partner so communication is key in the discovery phase. Ask questions about supportive services and tools, typical turnaround time, and type of materials used.

DON’T select a vendor solely based on price. When researching vendors, ask to view a portfolio of their work or even request references from them. Choosing a vendor based only on price can lead you to forming a partnership with an unqualified vendor and could cost you more in the long run to fix a shoddy job.

DO work with a company that employs certified professionals to install your graphics. Installing fleet graphics is a specialized job that requires certifications and experience to perform correctly. 

DON’T work with a company that doesn’t use warranted material. High quality material, such as 3M, produces warranted products that are rigorously tested for performance and duration.

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