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Vibrant Delivery Truck Graphics Bring Results

Delivery has become a staple service for many businesses, from catering companies to car dealership customer shuttles. Every day, we see a delivery truck on the roads, in our neighborhoods and at our businesses.

But if the vehicles aren’t branded, those businesses are missing an important opportunity to attract new customers and grow their profits.

A truck wrap from Signature Graphics will deliver results for your business. We offer custom and high-quality wraps for your delivery vehicle, no matter its size or shape.

What makes a good delivery truck wrap?

1. Consistent Branding

A “brand” is personal identity of a business and includes its name, the colors and typography it uses and its logo. A brand is how a business sets itself apart from its competition and how that business builds loyalty among its cutometers. A brand identity is stronger when the same logo, typography and colors are used the same way on everything associated with that company, from business cards to delivery trucks. 

2. A Call to Action

Your truck wrap will catch the eye of a potential customer and it also should spur them to take action. The most effective calls to action are simple. Include your phone number and your website in your truck wrap design with instructions, such as “Call us” or “Visit our website.”  

3. A Promotion

Including a special promotion or offer on your delivery truck wrap will give both new and returning customers added incentive to get in touch with you quickly. These can include a special deal for first-time customers, a limited-time deal, or a cross-promotion with another company.

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A vehicle wrap turns your delivery car or delivery truck into a cost-effective mobile billboard. Your branding and your message go anywhere that car or truck goes, catching the eyes of motorists and pedestrians alike. The experts at Signature Graphics can help turn your ideas into reality. Call us today.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.