Effective Vehicle Wrap Advertising
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How Effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

As a business owner, you know that effective and consistent marketing is a critical ingredient in running a thriving business.  But with all the marketing options available in today’s digital world, how do you know that fleet graphic advertising will be the strategy that turns your marketing dollars into a business investment?

We get it, investing in a new strategy can feel daunting.  To help, we’ve outlined research-based benefits to fleet graphic advertising. 

Vehicle Wraps are the Most Effective Signage on the Market.

As a rule, consumers need to hear or see your message seven times before they will convert.  Vehicle Wraps provide consistent visibility in markets you serve, effectively and consistently reminding consumers of your services.

  • US drivers travel an average of 159 miles per week. Of those drivers, 64% notice vehicle graphics. 
  • Those vehicle graphics generate 30,000 impressions per day [1]
  • Vehicle marketing results in a 97% message recall for viewers (compared with only 19% recall with stationary signs!) [2]

Vehicle Wraps Offer Outstanding ROI

Vehicle Wraps are the most cost-effective signage you can buy, they beat the competition in both impressions and durability. 

  • The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for fleet graphics is $0.48. Compare that to billboards ($3.56), magazine ads ($21.46) or radio ($7.75). [3]
  • A wrap can typically last up to five years depending on usage and type. This means you make a one-time investment and reap the benefits much longer than other marketing strategies!

Vehicle Wraps are Customizable and Tax Deductible

Vehicle Wraps can be professionally designed based on branding, consumer needs, budget, and services.  Best of all, because your fleet is comprised of commercial vehicles, both the design fee and the cost of the vehicle wrap can be tax deductible!

Signature Graphics Expertise Can Meet your Vehicle Wrap Needs

Fleet Graphic Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can choose for your business.  Still, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right design, materials, and methods?  At Signature Graphics, we’ve got you covered.  We understand that our clients’ needs and offer a highly consultative, hands-on approach to manage the maze of logistics as a partner, not just a supplier.  What’s more, thanks to our relationship with parent company Omnicom Group and our partnership with 3M, we’re able to bring you:

  • Specialists with innovation, razor sharp insight, break-through strategies.
  • World-class manufacturing methods backed by a solid warranty. 
  • A national and global Installation network
  • Proprietary graphics and installation software with brandRESPONSE.

We leverage our relationships and expertise to offer our clients a worry-free way to bring your brand to life.

Let Signature Graphics maximize your advertising efforts. Contact us today!

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[2] RYP & Becker Group

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We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.