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At Signature, innovation has been a watchword of our success. A keystone of the Signature
experience. One which drives our branding beyond the bounds of the ordinary and redraws the
limits of the possible. Signature’s guiding philosophy has always been to not only be an industry
leader but also a pioneer in the most technologically advanced and data-driven branding strategies.
As we strive to revolutionize the branding industry, we have come to the realization that structural
changes are needed to accelerate our digital transformation.

“We have made it our signature to never stagnate and ever evolve. We don’t want to be the ones that
merely move with the shifting sands of technology; we want to be the ones that shift it. We recognize
cutting-edge technology as the ability to see something in real-time, and to drive the shift in this
direction, we need an infrastructure that supports this level of transparency,”

President and CEO of Signature, Timothy Guse.

On April 1st, Signature will complete our migration to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP)
system that will promote transparency and operational efficiency to support our global clients. As we
navigate this new terrain, we want to assure our partners that we will work tirelessly to guide, advise,
and smooth the path ahead should there be any unexpected bends in the road.

Signature partners can soon expect:

  • An upgrade to our documentation such as invoices, packing slips, and purchase orders.
  • Greater level of internal transparency to the status of branding orders at every phase of
  • An enhanced suite of online ordering capabilities.
    And much more.

We want our partners to know that as we break new ground to foster the branding technology of
tomorrow, you can expect our unrivaled responsiveness throughout.

For questions, you may reach our Signature team at 800-356-3235.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.