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Fleet Graphics Case Study: Groark Boys BBQ

Groark Boys BBQ is an award-winning barbeque business that boasts its own line of barbeque products, spices, and barbequing guides. With over 451,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and 3 million followers on TikTok, demand for Groark Boys BBQ products is high. Due to their growing success, Groark Boys BBQ recently transitioned from a pop-up tent to a Food Truck and needed to brand their new truck with vinyl wrap graphics. 

Client Goals

Matt Groark, founder of Groark Boys, had two primary goals: 

  • Transition from a pop-up tent to a food truck, which required an adjustment to his business model. 
  • Completely wrap one trailer to brand his new food truck business.


Food truck fleet graphics are satisfying projects, and Signature Graphics was honored to work with Groark Boys BBQ to develop their vehicle wrap. As with any project, we encountered a few obstacles on the path toward success. For this project, we faced:

  • Custom vehicle modifications to the make and model.
  • Signature Graphics suggested late creative adjustments to enhance the brand through the new custom vehicle modifications after installation.


Visual inspections and measurements can go a long way when it comes to design and installation. In a typical visual inspection, our experts note the make and model as well vehicle/asset customizations so our designers and installers can complete a project with minimal errors.

Signature Graphics discovered a customized door the client added to the food truck trailer for functionality during the installation. These issues are a regular hurdle with any client, but we have the skillset and experience to overcome these obstacles. In this particular instance, the newly added door broke up the main call-to-action, in this case, to follow Groark Boys on social media, and rendered the content illegible. Signature Graphics acted swiftly and modified the design accordingly, so the social media information and phone numbers were clear, legible, and actionable.

The expert designers at Signature Graphics leveraged Matt Groark’s status as a social media influencer in their design for maximum impact. Implementing a photo of Matt into the design was critical, but on the reverse side of the truck, a portion of the photo compromised the call-to-action. Again, Signature Graphics quickly coarse corrected to ensure Matt continues to grow his brand by keeping the call-to-action compelling and useful.


The experts at Signature Graphics were able to correct issues quickly to create an engaging and high-impact food truck vehicle wrap that supported the client’s needs. The client was delighted with the final result and their experience with Signature Graphics.


Obstacles happen, and we’re prepared to support our clients every step of the way. That’s why Signature Graphics leverages our experts to identify the proper make and models through visual inspections and measurements. In the rare instance of miscommunication or unexpected vehicle customization, we happily work with our clients to achieve their desired results. We go the extra mile for our clients, whether they have one vehicle asset or thousands of vehicles. Contact us today to learn more.

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