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All About Athletic Venues & Sports Graphics

Gameday is magical and involves much more than just what happens between the players. The countless hours of preparation, the arena, the sights, sounds, smells, and most especially the crowd combine to create electric energy.  

From the fans to the coach to the player, everyone brings their enthusiasm to the game-day experience. As a sports leader, it’s your job to help them have the best experience possible. Environmental graphic design can help create a game-day atmosphere that promotes safety, team pride, and an inspiring experience. When employed strategically, they help fans navigate an arena while instilling a sense of ownership and pride for their favorite sports team and will leave them talking about the game for months afterward! 

Whether you’re updating your current graphics or designing them for the first time, Signature Graphics can help. We’ve put together a list of considerations to help you pick the perfect graphics for your athletic venue. 

Environmental Graphics for Action, Identity, and Information

The opportunities for sports graphics are endless, so it’s helpful to focus on three primary functions for your graphics: action, identity, and information.  


Environmental graphics that inspire action often take the form of signage with a clever or personalized message. Paired with team colors or a mascot, they might encourage viewers to purchase tickets, help keep the arena clean, or use a customized hashtag on their social posts.  


Think about your favorite sports team; what comes to mind? Most likely, you think about team colors, a mascot, or maybe a favorite player–that’s identity graphics at work! Identity graphics help establish a sense of place and purpose for visitors, employees, and players. These graphics can be employed in building facades and stadiums, indoor arenas, locker rooms, hallways, locker rooms, arena floors, and seating. If your institution manages multiple sports teams, you can even use sports-specific graphics while using unified branding.  


Informational graphics, sometimes known as wayfinding graphics, impart important information such as where to find seats, how to exit, or what dangers to avoid. Good informational graphics are all about minimalism, giving viewers just the right amount of information at the right time. These graphics often employ a mix of carefully selected fonts and pictograms to get the point across quickly and effectively. They can be found on entrances and exits, walls, or even floors to help people navigate and avoid danger.

Fleet Wraps: The Venue and Beyond

Fleet Graphic Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can choose for your team. Studies show that vehicle marketing results in a 97% message recall for viewers, making it an excellent return on investment.   When you wrap your athletic vehicles, you mobilize your message outside the arena and into your community. With a vehicle wrap, you’ll have a chance to impact those who might not be familiar with your team. It can also serve as a way to connect with existing fans, generating a sense of pride and interest in purchasing another ticket. A vehicle wrap can be applied to your entire fleet: team buses, planes, employee vehicles, and even Zambonis!   

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