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Case Study: Builders FirstSource Merger & Fleet Graphics Rebrand

In January of 2021, Builders FirstSource Inc. and Building Materials and Construction Solutions (BMC)—both building materials suppliers—announced the completion of their all-stock merger. The merger created the nation’s premier supplier of building materials and services that operates under the name Builders FirstSource.

With the merger, Builders FirstSource needed a new brand and reached out to Signature Graphics to rebrand their 2,813 vehicles in 16 states. 

Unique Challenges to Builders FirstSource Fleet Graphics Installation

Today, Builders FirstSource is the biggest supplier of structural building products, value-added components, and services to the professional market for new residential construction and repair and remodeling in the US. They place a high priority on safety, people, integrity, customers, and excellence. Their fleet needed to reflect their new brand positioning. To achieve this, they opted for a rebrand that spoke to their company identity and values and adhered to fleet graphics best practices.

In addition, Builders FirstSource was working with a transitory mixed fleet of tractors, pickups, flatbeds, box trucks and boxes, and service vans. Their diverse fleet was always on the move, which meant they needed a solid strategy to minimize downtime and get them back on the road as soon as possible.

Builders FirstSource chose Signature Graphics as their partner because of our robust processes, procedures, and successful track record of handling large-scale national production and installation.

Effective Solutions to Builders FirstSource Fleet Graphic Installation.

For Builders FirstSource’s mixed fleet, Signature Graphics recommended a combination of spot graphics and custom wraps. Partial wraps and spot graphics kept production streamlined where possible and reduced the need to create customized sizes and designs for each vehicle type. In addition, Signature Graphics provided custom wraps for a few vehicles to maximize the branding potential of these vehicles. Recognizing the significant branding and marketing impact of custom graphics on boxes and trailers, Builders FirstSource continued to request customized wraps from Signature Graphics following the conclusion of the initial project.  

The key to success in this project was the stellar communication between Builders FirstSource and Signature Graphics. “The Signature Graphics team was a well-oiled machine that moved the project from start to completion seamlessly,” said Monica Hartman, National Brand Integration and Marketing Manager of Builder’s FirstSource.

John Tripp managed the project and was in touch with Builder’s FirstSource every day, giving updates about the project so Builders FirstSource was always in the loop. Debbie Parker managed the intricate schedule and kept the project operating on time. Ashley Sanders fielded the details and ensured that nothing slipped through the cracks.

The designs for both partial and full custom wraps were bold and eye-catching with minimal details to highlight important information. This design choice ensured that the branding would be seen even while traveling at highway speeds.

The team worked together to adhere to Builders FirstSource brand guidelines so that every vehicle met specifications and connected with expert installers throughout the country to ensure top-notch work. In addition, as a 3M partner, Signature Graphics provided high-quality, long-lasting materials so Builders FirstSource brand would shine.

Results of Builders FirstSource Fleet Graphic Rebrand

The entire fleet was successfully rebranded within the established timeline with minimal downtime so Builders FirstSource could maintain its operations. Each vehicle was efficiently rebranded with high-quality graphics regardless of make and model.

“We were absolutely wowed by the integrity, communication, quality, and teamwork of Signature Graphics,” says Monica. “They were so much more than just a vendor. Signature Graphics was an extension of our marketing team and worked with us as a true partner. We could not be happier with our experience and our beautiful fleet.”

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