Eco-Friendly Fleet Graphics
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How to Make Eco-Friendly Easy with Fleet Graphics

With sustainability making its way to the top of the agenda for most businesses, a surge in the availability of eco-friendly products is following. Many fleet managers and designers are focused on shifting to eco-friendly fleet graphics, with environmental impact in mind. 

Defining the Problem

However, due to the lack of information in the market about the different options available, the composition and structure of fleet graphics are often overlooked completely. Currently, PVC-vinyl wraps are still widely used throughout the industry and will most likely continue to be utilized in the future. 

The lack of knowledge and awareness of alternatives and the associated cost are often barriers to this eco-friendly adjustment. This in turn is keeping many businesses from transitioning. Many companies and fleet managers are helping accelerate this change by utilizing and promoting PVC-free options and other sustainable materials that exist. 

How Signature Graphics is Tackling the Problem

Signature Graphics has recently partnered with MiraTEC, the industry’s leading wholesale-only graphics manufacturer. MiraTEC specializes in producing finished graphics for signs, windows, walls, floors, and others. Both Signature and MiraTEC work closely with 3M, a manufacturer and distributor of building materials, adhesives, as well as medical and home cleaning supplies. 

Fleet managers have committed to delivering the highest standard of fleet graphic production, with a record in the industry, and a deep understanding of 3M graphic films and their installation. 

Companies are now introducing their programs to 3M’s vision; using materials that are non-PVC, Phthalate-free, made in part with bio-based materials, manufactured using less solvent, and made without other halogens.

The sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives are just as easy to apply as standard PVC vinyl graphics and offer greater longevity, durability, and quality compared to other graphics that have the same PVC structure. 

Choose Signature for Eco-Friendly Solutions

That’s why we at Signature Graphics focus on hand-selecting partners who operate under the same standard of excellence that we do. The three-way partnership between Signature Graphics, MiraTEC, and 3M cement Signature’s commitment to more sustainable alternatives and eco-friendly graphics for you and your fleet.

Contact Signature Graphics today to learn more about our eco-friendly graphics and request a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.