The Role of Color in Summer Graphics
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The Role of Color in Fleet Graphic Summer Designs

Finding the perfect color combination for your fleet design isn’t always an easy task. There are many factors to take into account when choosing color for your graphics: your type of business, your brand’s color scheme, the type of vehicles in your fleet, the season, and so much more. No matter what the factor is, you want to make sure it will give your brand the most exposure and recognition

Colors can massively impact the perception of a brand. A product or a brand’s color can influence around 80% of their consumers’ purchasing choices. While it’s important to choose attention-grabbing colors, especially for the summer season, you’ll want to choose colors that effectively interpret the message of your company, your product, and your brand. 

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Fleet Graphics

We’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when deciding on your fleet’s colors for summer:

  • You’ll want bright, vibrant colors that create that summer feeling and make you stand out in the blazing, summer sun.
  • If it fits with your brand, avoid using colors that are prone to fading, such as blues and greens. Instead, opt for colors like red, yellow, and orange that are less likely to fade in the sun.
  • Keep it clean and simple. It’s easy to get carried away with summer designs because of all the fun, vibrant options. However, you still want it to be readable and digestible from a distance and at highway speeds.
  • If you choose to incorporate images, ensure they’re clean, crisp, and in high resolution
  • Changeable fleet graphics are also an option to keep your designs fresh in the summer to match a summer state of mind capitalizing on events like concerts, food trucks, fairs, and more.

How to Maintain Your Vibrant Summer Fleet Graphics

Graphics should be able to withstand high temperatures, humidity, and harsh UV exposure without fading or peeling. Vinyl is a popular material for fleet graphics, as it is durable and can endure hard outdoor conditions in the summer season.

To keep your summer designs from fading or peeling, here are three keys to vehicle graphic maintenance:

  • Use an approved wax: Petroleum-based waxes, and waxes that contain other abrasives, can damage your vinyl graphics. Use an approved wax and as a bonus, many waxes contain UV inhibitors to help protect the graphics from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Keep it out of the sun: UV rays can and will damage vinyl graphics. It can vary by color, climate, and material. If possible, keep the vehicle parked in a heavily shaded area or covering.
  • Keep it clean: Clean your vehicle with warm, soapy water.

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