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How to Use Vinyl Graphics to Boost School Safety and Aesthetics

Schools across the country are wrapping up the academic year, looking forward to summer break, and planning for the fall. After the final bell rings and the dust has settled, administrators and teachers alike are taking stock of the past year and setting goals for the future. 

If you’ve got school safety and pride on your list, don’t overlook the role vinyl graphics can play in helping you boost performance, reinforce positive messages, and improve school safety. Vinyl graphics are a powerful and budget-friendly way to help you transform your learning environment

Double Duty: Vinyl Graphics Promote Safety and Refresh Infrastructure

Safety has always been a priority for teachers and school administrators and now it’s more important than ever. From the superintendent to the school principal, administrators are looking for ways to foster a secure environment for students and staff.  One-way vision window decals can help!

Retail spaces have used one-way vision window decals for years to tell the story of their brand and promote their products. Now, schools are beginning to adopt them too. Window decals provide an extra layer of security by concealing classrooms and offices from the outside, while providing clear visibility for students and teachers inside. 

Window graphics come with the added benefit of looking great and can visually enhance any space. They are customizable to any window size and shape and can be produced with full color printing, making it simple to showcase your school’s colors and mascot and enhance safety at the same time.

Learning Opportunity: Vinyl Graphics Reinforce Content

When designing vinyl decals, the sky’s the limit. Easily display school colors and mascots or showcase the school motto in high traffic areas. Many schools use vinyl decals to cover their walls and windows with motivational messages and eye-catching graphics to reinforce the curriculum. 

For example, use vinyl graphics to display a history timeline, maps to underscore geography lessons, or the cycle of photosynthesis to emphasize science concepts. Vinyl decals are often a better option than pain murals because they can be quickly installed and removed—giving you the option to switch things up as needed. When you work with an expert designer, they can help you customize your graphics to suit the needs of your students to develop a fun and creative atmosphere for learning. 

Stay on Track: Vinyl Graphics Support Wayfinding 

Wayfinding graphics and signs can help keep your school day moving smoothly by subtly guiding students to their destination and helping them understand their space. Vinyl floor graphics are a popular way to guide students safely where they need to go. Let your imagination run wild; use paw prints or hooves to incorporate your mascot, and different colors to denote direction and flow. Your creativity is sure to keep students engaged and on track. 

Vinyl graphics signage can also provide valuable wayfinding information for staff and students. Effective signage allows students to find classrooms and facilities, save time, and provide a sense of confidence and security. You can also use special colors to designate safe zones and provide internal directional guidance, so students and staff always know where to turn for help.  

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Promoting safety and enhancing your learning environment has never been easier with vinyl graphics. At Signature Graphics, our expert designers, installation specialists and easy-to-use website are all poised to make your experience seamless. Let us help you reach your learning goals this school year. Request a quote to get started. 

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