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4 Types of Back-to-School Graphics to Start Your School Year Off Right

A new school year is right around the corner. In addition to setting schedules and preparing classrooms, you know it’s important to build a sense of anticipation, excitement, and school pride to unite your students and teachers. A few high-quality graphics can help with that! Because you’re a busy educator with a lot of on your plate, we’ve created a quick checklist of all the graphics you’ll need for the new school year. Here are 4 types of education graphics that will help your kick your school year off right.


Imagine your students hopping off the bus and into a school lobby filled with school spirit. With vinyl banners, that’s just want you’ll get. Vinyl banners can turn an austere school lobby into a welcoming environment for students and teachers alike. What’s more, they’re inexpensive and one of the most effective ways to communicate a brand message. You can use banners to display:

With banners, you’ll create a communal spirit and a backdrop for lifelong memories.

Wall Murals

Wall murals can be the difference between a drab, uninspiring environment and a lively atmosphere that energizes students for learning. Vinyl wall murals can be designed digitally for sharp, high-resolution images with interest and depth. Choose from full murals, die-cut decals, school mascots and logos, or even cover large, unsightly doors. Vinyl murals last longer and stay crisper than paint. Plus, they can be applied to nearly any surface including:

  • Dry wall
  • Brick
  • Concrete 
  • Stucco

Spur your students to achieve their potential with an inspirational learning environment filled with beautiful school-themed murals.

Floor Graphics

You’re sitting on the top of the bleachers watching your school’s basketball team play a home game. Reinforce the sense of school spirit with a floor graphic at center court! Or think about branding a long classroom hallway with your school’s name and mascot. Floor graphics are engineered to be tough again foot traffic. They are slip-resistance, easily customizable, cleanable, and removable. 

Window Graphics

Lastly, your school might benefit from window graphics. Typically used for storefronts with large glass windows, window graphics make excellent use of this typically overlooked visual real estate. Window graphics can be playful or serious and help send a message to the larger community about your school pride. In addition to added school spirit, window graphics provide an extra layer of protection for students, faculty, and staff. Window graphics are manufactured with one-way visibility. That means that the students and teachers can see out the windows, but unwanted onlookers can’t see inside. 

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