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Prepping Your Vehicles for Installation

prepping your vehicle for fleet graphics

Correctly preparing your vehicle for branding can impact the durability of your vinyl graphics. We have a few recommendations to ensure that you and your vehicle graphics will have a long-lasting bond.

Dust & Dirt Removal:
For the best adhesion, the surface of your vehicles should be completely cleaned wherever graphics are to be applied. Wash and rinse your vehicle with clean water and dry it thoroughly. Any good automotive soap will do and this should be done one day prior to installation. If you are receiving a full coverage wrap, pay close attention to the wheel wells and edges along the doors, hood, trunk and windows. The surfaces around the wheels are often coated with more debris and will take extra elbow grease to remove. Once finished, we recommend storing your vehicle in a garage to keep it in pristine condition for the installation.

Avoid Waxing & Detailing Products:
Wax and detailing products can leave a slippery residue on your vehicle’s surface that must be removed before applying your new graphics. High-quality adhesives are designed to adhere to clean surfaces that are free of wax, grease or silicone.

Recently Painted Vehicles:
Has your vehicle recently been painted? Remember, paint needs time to cure. Signature recommends checking with your body shop to see how long the curing process takes. We can work out an installation schedule that takes this into consideration.

Old Graphics Removal:
Does your vehicle have old graphics that need to be removed prior to installation? We recommend calling the experts for this step. Signature Certified Installers are highly trained experts that have the expertise to safely remove vinyl applications without damaging your vehicle’s paint job. They will also be able to remove any adhesive material that is left behind from the prior vinyl application.

When in doubt…
…call the experts! Signature Graphics is here to advise you and answer any questions you may have about the preparation and installation process.

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