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Elements of Great Logos

Designing a logo seems like a simple task but there are a lot of variables that go into creating a truly great and relevant one. For branding that has long-lasting effectiveness, ask yourself if your potential new logo design has these qualities: originality, memorability, timelessness and relevance.

1. Original:

Your logo should be as unique and original as your company. The biggest mistake that a company can make is copying another logo. A logo is what distinguishes you from your competition and it is important to differentiate your brand from your competitors’.

2. Memorable:

Great logos inspire brand trust and loyalty and to achieve this, your consumers will need to remember what your logo looks like. A memorable logo is typically simple in design and can easily be described or recalled. Strive for a design that will embed your logo into the minds of anyone who views it. It should be impressive yet simple enough for instant recognition.

3. Timeless:

It can be dangerous to follow trends in logo design which come and go. This can lead to an outdated look in 5, 10 or 15 years. It should be flexible enough to stand the test of time. Timeless logos are simple and adaptable. They don’t go overboard on graphics and color which simplifies updates in the future.

4. Relevant:

A logo needs to provide an immediate sense of what your brand is about. It should convey some element of what your business does in a meaningful way. To do this, break down what your business does and use that as a guide for your logo design.

Your logo is the ambassador of your brand and is the fundamental component that must be right in effective brand activation campaigns. A good designer will work with you and do analysis work to create the perfect visual representation of your brand. Signature Graphics’ experienced team of designers have been moving brands in the right direction for over thirty years. If you need any type of support in your branding efforts, feel free to reach out to us.

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