Semi-Truck Graphics

Branded Semi-Truck Graphics & Wraps for Commercial Fleets

A semi-truck graphic or tractor trailer wrap can generate over 10 million impressions each year on the road. Semi-truck and trailer wrap advertising can also be some of the most creative, adventurous graphics out there today. Your consumers are already out there next to you on the road, let us help you leverage the situation. Connect with your audience through custom messaging with semi-truck graphics and wraps.

Outfit your vehicles and fleets of any size or shape and expose new local and national audiences to enticing messages along America’s freeways, highways, and backroads. Signature Graphics wraps trucks and trailers with creative, adventurous advertising that gains attention and keeps you top-of-mind.

Semi truck graphics breakdown

Why Use Branded Semi-Truck Graphics?

Semi-truck graphics are an incredibly versatile medium. The combination of high surface area, constant exposure to new eyes through travel, and flexibility of style and design offer a lot of value to your brand. Two of the most common and ideal uses are:

Informational Graphics – Cab and trailer graphics can be used to share contact info and brand names. Graphics can also be used to display safety information, such as where fire extinguishers are located, or required info like regulation numbers.

Advertisement Graphics – Think of semi-truck graphics as mobile billboards. The surface area of a tractor trailer is fantastic for ads, especially when you consider that it’s double-sided. The best part is the movement, as using graphic ads on trucks allows your brand to be exposed to a wide variety of people and regions.