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How Long Do Vehicle Graphics Last?

How Long Do Vehicle Graphics Last

Your graphics can last up to eight or nine years, depending on the material used and method of manufacture. Branding companies should work with you to determine durability expectations and engineer your program to exceed your durability requirements. Other variables such as the quality of the installation and surface condition play a critical part in the lifespan of your vinyl wrap.

Much like paint, the longevity of your vinyl wraps is dependent upon the care you give them. Vehicle graphics should be cared for in a similar manner as a fine paint finish. A little maintenance will keep your graphics looking their best and we recommend washing them whenever your car appears dirty. Vinyl and paint jobs can also be degraded by prolonged sun exposure. Consider storing your vehicle indoors (garaged) or in shade during the day.

Reputable branding companies should be able to advise you in proper prepping of your vehicle before the graphic application because vinyl graphics stick best to clean dry surfaces. Experienced installers will be able to assess potential issues and identify a strategy for issue resolution.

Signature Graphics employs only Signature Certified Installers. These individuals are carefully selected based on numerous criteria to ensure that every installation is expertly performed. With our manufacturing and installation skills, we guarantee that you’re going to be loving your graphics for years to come.

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