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The Importance of Brand Consistency

The Importance of Brand Consistency

Using a consistent aesthetic to communicate with your consumers builds brand awareness and familiarity. Research shows that people buy from brands they trust and recognition plays a critical part in this equation. Consumers rely on brand and trust because there are often too many choices, coupled with too little time. The right partner can assist you in building brand loyalty by ensuring your branding is represented with visual predictability.

Creating Consistency:

Consistency is created by continually using the same colors, placement, logos and fonts in your brand activation campaigns. When adding branding to your company vehicles or the architecture of your building, the color of your logo should be perfectly matched to clearly project your image. This should extend to the placement of your branding as well. For example, if your company has a fleet, the placement of your branding should be consistently applied to similar locations (or identical locations for the same make and model vehicles) and at the appropriate scale. This will create the cohesive messaging that is marketing gold.

Signature Graphics understands the importance of consistency in branding and part of our unique range of services are our installation diagrams. These diagrams ensure that every piece of branding that is applied to your vehicle or building is done so in a consistent manner. We understand that developing consistent brand messaging can be challenging and our industry expertise can ease that burden.

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