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Signature Partners with Oklahoma Transit Association to Fight Human Trafficking 

Ask any designer; they might tell you that designing a wrap for a larger vehicle is no easy task. Luckily, Signature Graphics’ highly skilled team of in-house designers, brand advocates, and technical experts provide the exact care and dedication you need.

Signature Graphics put their expertise to use when they partnered with the Oklahoma City Transit Association to design, produce, and install fleet graphics for the new Rolling Oklahoma Classroom (ROC), a public transit bus converted into an educational space for the community. 

Client Goals

Last year, a transit driver spotted the signs of a potential human trafficking incident while completing their route. The transit system realized that its drivers could aid in the fight against human trafficking. The Oklahoma City Transit also identified that 99% of Oklahomans live within a mile of a transit route but aren’t aware. 

They implemented the Rolling Oklahoma Classroom – an educational community program and public awareness campaign – to address these two issues. They wanted to design a vehicle wrap for the bus that would:

  • Educate the community by enhancing awareness of the public transit system and the options they offer.
  • Promote hands-on public safety and security training for transit workers by including interactive training inside the bus.
  • Bring awareness to the signs of human trafficking.


When Oklahoma Transit reached out to Signature Graphics, we were proud to be considered for this project. We worked closely with ROC to develop their vehicle wrap to support their critical mission. As with any project, we encountered a few obstacles on the path toward success. For this project, we addressed the following issues: 

  • Creating a design that incorporated the physical characteristics of the bus, while also considering the shapes of the doors and windows.
  • Creating a design for a large-scale vehicle while ensuring the design is readable as the vehicle is in motion. 


Customer satisfaction is essential to us at Signature Graphics. With our insight and product knowledge, we constantly strive to streamline projects by offering the most efficient and effective solutions for you and your brand.

Signature was honored to contribute to battling human trafficking and teaching people the right ways to protect themselves. To support this powerful charitable work, we donated the graphics to this project. We enjoyed playing a small part in making this goal a reality for the Oklahoma Transit Association.

At Signature, we understand the value of your brand. Regardless of scope and scale, Signature’s team of branding experts is prepared to help you make your mark. Learn more about how Signature can help brand your fleet.

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