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Select A Fleet Graphics Agency with Creative Expertise

Getting a sign to fit – and look – right on a tractor-trailer can be a challenge. You want a team that is familiar with how to problem-solve and alleviate those challenges.

According to National Accounts Creative Director Carrie Flores, knowing the medium is Signature Graphic’s greatest strength.

Think Big with Fleet Graphic Design

When it comes to designing for vehicles, you have to be able to THINK BIG and adapt the design to be successful. Whether it’s driving down the road, how it looks on a hood, or turning a corner – every angle is an opportunity for a positive impression.

Signature Graphics can help you find success with brand recognition, attention, and consideration so your target audience thinks of you when they are ready to make a buying decision. It’s a full 360-degree approach that will have you making a good impression at any angle.

“It can be hard to design for a 50-foot by 35-foot tractor-trailer in Photoshop. As designers, it’s critical to know your medium and how you can maximize value with the space you have,” Flores says.

For example, there is a vast inventory of templates. Still, manufacturers can change something that might seem slight – like where the manufacturer’s logo is on a vehicle – that will significantly impact the wrap design for a vehicle.

“We must do our due diligence to ensure there haven’t been any changes to the vehicles,” Flores says. Signature Graphics designers take the extra step to go on-site and watch designs get installed when necessary, looking for anything that may make the design more impactful or easier for future projects.

Adapting Design for Vehicles

Adapting design for vehicles is a major hurdle for most clients and marketing agencies. The Signature Graphics creative department has the experience to ensure that you’ll get the most effective design for vehicles.

Sometimes that means having a difficult conversation with a client to advise against a design that might look good on paper but not on a moving vehicle. Signature Graphics works well with many marketing agencies that have their own creative staff. The creative team brings specialized expertise to fleet graphic design that compliments agency or client creative departments – making them look like rock stars.

That has made Signature Graphics build its expertise in adapting the design for the environmental and fleet graphics. Flores says they handle the analytical piece to make sure the design works in the real world.

“What sets us apart is the ability to determine the pitfalls of bringing a 2D design to life in the real world,” Flores says. “Our experience has helped us determine where we should pivot in the process, new solutions to consider, and coordinating this with the many stakeholders involved in the process.”

Contact Signature Graphics today to talk to a brand specialist who can walk you through the ins and outs of your job.

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