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How brandRESPONSE Makes Fleet Management A Breeze

As a fleet manager, you know that consistency is a critical component in maintaining the effectiveness of your brand. Managing the commercial graphics for a 100+ vehicle fleet across multiple geographical locations is astonishingly complex. Ensuring consistency can be one of the main challenges of the job. That’s why we created brandRESPONSE, our proprietary tool that makes managing large-scale brand conversions a breeze. 

What is brandRESPONSE: A Fleet Management Solution

Signature Graphics is a total solutions provider for fleet graphics and environmental graphics. When we say “total” we mean it, which is why we developed brandRESPONSE, our exclusive tracking and reporting tool. With brandRESPONSE, every detail of your fleet graphic project is in one place, giving you an easy way to monitor the progress of your entire fleet in real time

Enjoy the ability to communicate swiftly, easily manage progress across multiple locations, and generate reports to share with stakeholders—all from your phone or computer. No more losing sleep over the commercial graphics of your fleet. You can rest easy knowing that you’re using the go-to solution for high-revenue corporations all over the country, including highly visible brands with over 10,000 fleet and physical assets. 

How brandRESPONSE Streamlines Fleet Management

Simply put, brandRESPONSE provides real-time, remote access to your fleet graphics campaign. What makes brandRESPONSE special is the up-to-the-minute reporting at a highly granular level.  Here’s how it works:

  • Audit—Signature Graphics will audit every asset involved in your commercial fleet graphics program. Then, we’ll scout facilities and partnerships essential to your strategy.
  • Import—All audited data is then imported into brandRESPONSE
  • Monitor—Use brandRESPONSE to track and report on every aspect of branding as it happens: adaptations, manufacturing, shipping, and installation.
  • Communicate—Provide input on tasks across every location, review important files and documentation, and be in touch with stakeholders across the lifecycle of each project. 
  • Manage—Add new assets and track branding data all in one place. 

We’ll use brandRESPONSE to keep you updated on every aspect of your commercial fleet graphic branding program as it happens. 

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