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4 Reasons to Wrap Your Bus

If you’re looking for high-impact and cost-effective advertising, get creative with a bus wrap. 

Essentially a mobile billboard, a bus wrap is advertising that wraps around part or all of a bus. Your brand and your message will travel, getting notice from a wide range of potential customers. 

These vinyl wraps are made with high-resolution printers and offer sharp detail, vivid colors and unbeatable durability.

Here are four reasons that you should wrap a bus as part of your next advertising campaign.

Bus Wraps Are Fun

Unlike a traditional billboard that blend into the background as vehicles fly past, a wrapped bus is unexpected and that causes people to want to take a good look, increasing leads and driving sales. 

A bus offers your message a big canvas. Think towering text and eye-catching images! The creative team at Signature Graphics will help ensure that your advertising makes the most of the bus’s curved surface and unique topography.

Bus Wraps Improve Brand Perception

No matter your message — advertising a product or service, making an announcement, educating potential customers or promoting an upcoming event — a bus wrap also will help strengthen your brand identity.

Bus wraps look expensive and high-tech, showing potential customers that you offer professional and premium services.

Signature Graphics is a proud partner of 3M, which means all of our products are world-class quality. 

Your Message Moves with the Bus

Advertising is only effective if people pay attention to it. Bus wrap advertising isn’t tied to a specific day and time or a specific location. It has real reach.

Municipal buses are in constant motion throughout the community on their routes. A charter bus wrap will move even farther as it travels outside your immediate community to its destinations. Both will get noticed even when parked!

Bus Wraps are Cost-Effective

Wrapping a bus is one of the least expensive ways to advertise and will provide a fast return on investment as riders, other drivers and pedestrians take notice of your brand and message. 

The up-front cost to wrap a bus is less than you imagine, and our high-quality wraps can last for years.

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