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10 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Fleet Wraps

American drivers travel an average of 14,263 miles annually, or almost 1,200 miles a month, according to data collected by the Federal Highway Administration.

That’s a lot of time spent in vehicles, with drivers paying attention to their surroundings. And that’s a big reason why commercial fleet graphics are one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses big and small with outstanding ROI.

Here are 10 reasons why fleet managers should invest in commercial fleet wraps.

  1. You will stand out. Creative fleet graphics combine words and images to tell the story of your business, complete with calls to action and your contact information. When you thoughtfully brand your fleet, you can make a lasting impression in seconds. From evergreen branding to promotional campaigns, fleet graphics are perfect for getting the word out about your incredible products or services.
  2. This is cost-effective marketing. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for fleet graphics is $0.48. Compare that to billboards ($3.56), magazine ads ($21.46), or radio ($7.75). What’s more, the costs of advertising for television, internet and print can add up quickly. There are no accumulating costs with fleet wraps — your “ad” appears every time your vehicle is on the road and generates up to 30,000 impressions daily!
  3. Add polish to your image. It takes about 90 seconds for a potential customer to form an opinion about your brand. First impressions matter! Our pros are ready to work with you to create a vinyl wrap design that will capture your business identity and turn heads. No matter the size of your business, fleet graphics add that extra layer of professionalism and consistency to your brand so you can make a great impression the first time and every time.
  4. Get noticed around the clock. Compare vehicle wraps to billboards: billboards are stationary and need to be changed frequently. In other words, billboards quickly become part of the landscape and are easy to ignore. By contrast, vehicle wraps stay fresh because you encounter them everywhere, both parked and on the road! Fleet graphics pack an advertising punch because they build brand awareness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether stationary or in motion.
  5. Get noticed in your local community. If you’re a small local business, it may be easy to dismiss fleet graphics as something only bigger chains benefit from. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fleet graphics are a strong, tax-deductible investment in your business. High quality fleet graphics go a long way toward building trust and reaching new customers in your community most likely to use your products or services.
  6. Boost brand recognition. Don’t rely on an ad that viewers automatically tune out. Unlike commercials on TV or radio, it’s impossible to change the channel or fast forward on a vehicle wrap. Since your viewers are most likely to encounter you on the road, they’re a captive audience. Fleet wraps are a great way to organically build brand recognition as your vehicles crisscross your community and beyond.
  7. Fleet wraps are customizable. Signature Graphic’s experienced designers will partner with you to create custom wraps that highlight your brand’s personality and values. Whether you need a little support or start-to-finish service, we’re here to help you create a cohesive design across your entire fleet so your brand can shine.
  8. Fleet graphics are easy to change. Fleet graphics are a versatile advertising medium that can be customized, adapted, and changed to meet your goals. Sometimes you need a vehicle wrap to last for years. Other times, you need the flexibility of a quick change to advertise time-sensitive information. The good news is that fleet graphics can easily be swapped out for seasonal promotions to highlight goods and services your audience needs now or after a rebranding. Anything is possible.
  9. Fleet graphics are durable. Worried that fleet graphics will need to be replaced year after year and end up breaking the bank? Don’t be. Signature Graphics proudly offers high-quality 3M materials, ensuring that your wraps look incredible and have the durability to last an average 5 to 7 years. With proper care, vehicle wraps from Signature Graphics are truly an investment that will reap benefits for the long haul.
  10. Fleet graphics will protect your vehicles. Taking a vehicle on the road comes with risks. The more you drive, the more wear and tear accumulates. Enter vinyl wraps. In addition to being an effective advertising tool, high-quality vinyl wraps protect against damage by adding another layer between your car and the elements. Fleet wraps can act as a protective layer, shielding your vehicles from scratches, UV rays, and other environmental damage.

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