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The Art of Consistency: Maintaining Brand Identity Across a Diverse Fleet

Fleet Graphics is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can choose. With fleet graphics, you can turn your hard-working fleet into mobile billboards that generate up to 30,000 impressions daily. But developing fleet graphics with maximum impact takes much more than putting your logo on a vehicle and calling it a day. 

Effective fleet graphics take thoughtful design and efficient execution. It’s critical to work with the shape and size of each vehicle to get the most out of your fleet graphics and maintain all-important brand consistency. The best fleet graphics take into consideration the make and model of each vehicle, which can add a layer of complexity if you’re dealing with a mixed-vehicle fleet. Here’s how to maintain your brand identity across a diverse fleet.

What is Brand Consistency 

Brand consistency is the discipline of uniformly presenting your brand across every platform and piece of marketing collateral. In practice, this means ensuring that all your brand colors, logos, imagery, and tone are consistent every time a customer or potential customer encounters it.

When it comes to fleet graphics, brand consistency involves selecting the correct colors, fonts, logos, imagery, and tone and aligning them with fleet graphic best design practices

Benefits of Brand Consistency

It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression and 90 seconds for a potential customer to form an opinion about your brand. Brand consistency allows you to deliver the same message again and again, which has numerous benefits for your company:

  • Brand consistency makes your brand recognizable. The marketing rule of 7 states that a customer needs to see a message 7 times before they take action. If you present your brand in a consistent way each time a customer sees you, you increase the chances they will engage with you.
  • Brand consistency builds trust & loyalty because viewers feel secure that they will see the same message in the same packaging. When you meet (or exceed!) expectations, you build trust and safety with your customers, making it more likely they will spend their hard-earned dollars with you.
  • Brand consistency creates a positive user experience. Inconsistency can be very confusing for the viewer, and they can spend more time figuring out what feels “off” than engaging with your message. The more confusion a potential customer experiences, the less likely they are to engage with your brand.

How to Maintain Brand Identity for Your Diverse Fleet

You may think, “That’s great, but how do I maintain consistency when all my vehicles are different shapes and sizes?” Great question! When working with a mixed fleet, it’s best to start with a primary design idea and then take into consideration the size, shape, and features of each different make and model. For example, Signature Graphics worked with a BBQ brand that needed a branded food truck that matched its brand identity. The truck had unique features like a door and window that had to be incorporated into the design. 

Similarly, when Signature Graphics assisted with a major rebrand of a building material supplier company, we adjusted our designs for a transitory mixed fleet of tractors, pickups, flatbeds, box trucks and boxes, and service vans.

The best way to maintain brand identity is to partner with a reputable fleet graphics company and take advantage of their expertise! Signature Graphics has perfected the art of guiding customers through the vehicle wrap process, so it’s virtually painless. We specialize in staying attuned to your individual needs and adapting as your project evolves, including mixed-fleet projects. 

From design to installation, Signature Graphics can be your partner for success in fleet graphics! Contact us today for a quote!

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