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Why Vehicle Wraps Are A Worthy Investment In Your Business

Looking to get the most bang for your advertising buck?

There are many reasons vehicle wraps are your best bet in this regard. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Low cost per impression: It’s simple: you pay the smallest amount for every person that sees your ad when you use vehicle wraps – and it’s not even close. 3M™ did a study of two wrapped trucks in a major metropolitan area. It found a cost of $0.48 per 1,000 impressions, which compares to $23.70 for TV; $19.70 for newspaper; $18.15 for primetime TV; and $3.56 for outdoor advertising.
  2. Your message is always working: You don’t even have to be driving for your vehicle wrap to be working – a nicely designed fleet graphic piece is constantly drawing eyes to it even when it’s parked. Because you’re not changing your wrap frequently like you would a billboard or television ad, your company’s brand gets a consistent messaging that is tougher to forget.
  3. Protects your ride: This is an unexpected benefit perhaps, but it’s not without its merits. Having a wrap on your vehicle protects it from the typical scratches and sun damage that it would otherwise be subjected to. This does affect your investment, as it basically increases the resale value of your vehicle when it’s time to sell.
  4. Customers can’t avoid you: Customers will often try to avoid your advertisement by fast-forwarding on the DVR, streaming TV and music instead of using traditional outlets, and through email spam blockers. They can’t exactly close their eyes or fast-forward you when they’re driving, so you know your message is going to get in front of them. That kind of assurance is hard to come by in the advertising world.
  5. Adds an air of professionalism: Your company gets a boost in perception when you have a professional vehicle wrap on your vehicle. Even if it’s your only vehicle, a wrapped vehicle can separate you from the pack, increasing a customer’s faith in your services.

Signature Graphics proudly uses 3M™ graphic films and overlaminates.

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