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The Four Keys To The Best Vehicle Wraps

Designing a great vehicle wrap takes a lot more expertise than slapping a logo and words on a truck.

A quick Google search of “car wrap marketing fail” reveals how quickly that can go embarrassingly wrong. Design really makes a difference when you factor in sliding doors and what kind of an unintended message your vehicle may be sending when the doors are open – you certainly don’t want your business to be the subject of a viral meme.

Signature Graphics’ team of design and printing professionals are experts at helping your wrap make the right kind of impression. We treat your logo, brand and messaging as our own, helping you effectively reach your customers and more importantly, potential customers.

We have years of experience turning vehicles into mobile billboards for your company, helping you put your best business foot forward in establishing your brand and spreading the word about why people should know what you do.

Whether you utilize our in-house design services or have your own design that you bring to us, we can wrap it around your fleet – even if it’s just one vehicle – and literally take your marketing into the fast lane. We have a variety of options to fit your strategy and budget, making sure you are pleased with the results.

A few things we will keep in mind as we work together to create your perfect mobile billboards: short, clear, bold, plan. These words serve as the four commandments of sorts for any successful wrap design. Let us explain:

  1. Shorter is better: Tom Petty once said, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” The “chorus” of your brand is your logo and company name. Motorists don’t have much time to see your message, so don’t bore them – get to the point.
  2. Speak clearly: A close second in importance to your logo and company name is to make sure it’s clear what your company does. We’re talking maybe a few words here – refer to #1 if in doubt.
  3. Bold is beautiful: Subtlety doesn’t have a place on your vehicle wrap – being bold and obvious is better when we’re talking a matter of seconds to get your message across. Think big and think bold.
  4. Plan word placement: Is your company name going to spell something unfortunate or unintentionally funny when the door opens? Hidden messages can be more difficult to plan for than you’d think – Signature Graphics thinks of every angle to make sure your company isn’t the latest darling of the internet because of an unintended message.

To learn more about how we can better market your business with vehicle wraps, contact us today.