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How To Brand Your Healthcare Services To A Larger Audience

Thousands of healthcare organizations are vying to provide their services to the millions of people in need of their services.

How can these healthcare providers stand out in a crowded field?

While most potential customers aren’t going to drive right past your facility, they are likely to drive alongside your staff members’ vehicles at some point. Take advantage of this likelihood by using vehicle wraps to advertise your company and its services.

Senior care facilities and home health care organizations in metropolitan areas can generate up to 70,000 visual impressions each day simply by driving around – in one vehicle. Imagine the impressions made with multiple vehicles.

What To Feature on Your Vehicle Wrap

Although your mobile marketing may get the benefit of getting longer views while stopped in traffic or at a red light, you’re generally dealing with a limited viewing time with vehicle wraps. With that in mind, your messaging has to be eye-catching, quick-hitting and memorable – which can be challenging when we’re talking about the complexities of the healthcare industry.

Here are some tips for how to present your messaging on your vehicle wrap:

  • Feature your name prominently: It sounds simple, but many businesses bury their name among a bunch of photos or graphics. Make your visuals complement your name and message, not take away from it.
  • Choose graphics with a purpose: Your graphics should help sell your services since you don’t have a lot of time. Whether photos or illustrations, use images that help people identify your message and target audience.
  • Keep copy brief: We know there are a lot of services you could list on your vehicle, but there isn’t room or time for nearly all of them. Keep your messaging to a few key services.
  • Contact is key: Give prominence to your website. Most people aren’t grabbing a pen and paper while behind the wheel, so featuring an easy-to-remember may be more effective than hoping they remember a phone number.

Study: People Pay Attention To Wraps

Research from ATA and Robinson, Yesawich, and Pepperdine concluded that vehicle wraps are ultimately effective marketing tools because of how people respond to fleet graphics. Consider the following findings of the study:

  • 91% of people notice ads on the sides of vehicles, recalling them days later
  • 75% of people reported having a first impression of a company and its services from vehicle wraps
  • Almost a third of people base a purchase decision on the impression they had from the vehicle

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