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Studying The Cost-Effectiveness Of Vehicle Wraps

There are countless ways to get your branded message in front of the masses.

There’s only one way to get that message in front of customers for fractions of a penny, according to a study conducted by 3M™. Signature Graphics proudly uses 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

That one way is through the use of vehicle wraps. 3M conducted a three-month study to measure the marketing effectiveness of utilizing fleet graphics for 10 of the Cadbury-Schweppes Company’s Snapple® trucks in two major metropolitan areas. In this study, each truck generated an average of 6 million impressions per vehicle, annualized.

The results? An average cost of $0.48 per 1,000 impressions – that’s $0.00048 per impression.

The fleet graphics medium was by far the least expensive of the seven advertising methods used in the study. Per 1,000 impressions, the cost breakdown for the other methods was as follows:

  • Television: $23.70
  • Magazine: $21.46
  • Newspaper: $19.70
  • Primetime TV: $18.15
  • Radio: $7.75
  • Outdoor: $3.56

You don’t have to be a researcher to understand that marketing is a numbers game. If you can spend less than two quarters to reach 1,000 people with vehicle wraps or more than $23 to reach 1,000 people with television ads, isn’t it worth at least trying to get the most bang for your advertising buck?

With mobile marketing and using graphic fleets, your initial investment is an upfront cost that will continue to pay dividends in the months and years that follow. Television, print and radio ad campaigns only last so long before you have to hand over more cash and hope to see results.

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