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What To Consider When Branding Your Fleet

Whether your brand has a full-fledged fleet operation or a single van for delivery operations, vehicle wraps are a cost-effective, creative way of adding value to your marketing campaign.

According to research, 98% of people consider fleet branding to be more effective than billboard graphics. They not only like seeing vehicles that are decked out in their brand colors, but also appreciate businesses that go the extra mile!

It’s the perfect way to ensure that your target audiences won’t be able to ignore your business vehicles.

In most companies, the marketing department is responsible for everything from conceptualization to the execution of fleet branding. But they usually hire a vendor to help them execute those designs.

And many others simply outsource the entire function, hiring an agency to both design and print fleet wraps.

Use Fleet Graphics To Build Brand Awareness

To make a lasting impression on your customer, you must stay in front them and ensure repeated exposure.

This is best done through branding your fleet with the right graphics.

Are your vehicles out and about for most of the day? In that case, branding them with your logo, website, and contact number is an effective way to continuously remind onlookers about your services.  It acts as a constant re-enforcement of your presence and provides a consistent branding structure for your vehicles.

In fact, 97% of respondents admit to recalling a message advertised by a vehicle. This is clear proof that vinyl wraps work.

Branding your fleet is also a great way of expanding your audience.

Because fleet wraps are always on the go, you can attract and inform audiences in and around your service area. Messages on your fleet can be changed to target specific demographic audiences.

If you’re still determining your strategy, make sure that your design agency or team has access to the following:

Cutting-Edge Vinyl Wrap Print Technology

Using a state-of-the-art wide-format digital printer is nothing like the HP you use at the office. A lot more goes into creating a vibrant and true-to-color image when printing car wraps.

You’ll want to work with someone who uses the best quality vinyl and delivers a powerful print profile. That’s the only way to maximize your marketing dollar and ensure that your fleet vehicles look good doing it.

Unfortunately, many print shops don’t care for these elements, delivering over or under saturated images that look bad.

We understand that high-quality prints are a must. That’s why we utilize the finest design technologies that can hold up well over time and suit all your advertising needs.

Installation Services

Here at Signature Graphics, we provide our clients with vehicle wraps appropriate for long-term campaigns and short-term promotions.

If you think installing a wrap is as easy as putting on a giant sticker, you are wrong!

It took our technicians countless hours of practice and wasted material to learn the right way to install a wrap. That’s what gives them complete expertise over different materials used to make vehicle wraps.

Trimming the wrap is possibly the most critical aspect of the installation. It requires excellent technique and a steady hand because if the excess wrap material isn’t cut and tucked carefully, your car will end up looking terrible.

Vehicle graphics should like a paint job, and we know just how to do it right.

We are a part of a national installation network that delivers fast graphics installation, wherever you need.

Inventory And Fulfillment

When you’re researching for the right company or vendor to take care of your fleet graphics, make sure that you are aware of their ordering system. Do they have a 24/7 ordering system? Can you order graphics on a demand-basis?

These things are essential to know for efficient brand management. Signature Graphics can provide you with weekly updates about your inventory levels, design storage, and distribution facility. We also offer an in-house storage facility if your in-house storage facility has no space.

Our in-house Brand Management software, brandRESPONSE lets clients audit, monitor and review all their branding projects as we design and manage them. This ensures efficient communication between our designers and clients, making the entire process run smoothly.

Contact Us

We understand that you want to build your brand and entice your target audience to contact you when they need your products or services. We will work closely with you to design graphics you love and install them with beautiful results. Get in touch with our experienced team at Signature Graphics today to learn more about our design and installation services.

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Large Venue Event Graphics For Social Distancing

The global pandemic changed the way people interact with each other in homes, workspaces, and across the world at large. As Governments implement social distancing rules, people have had to adopt these safety protocols as part of a ‘new normal.’ These precautions have become a way of life.

So as we move forward into 2021, large events like concerts, weddings, and conferences are possible only if social distancing guidelines are followed. Event organizers must do everything in their power to mitigate the attendee’s fears of safety.

Printed banners and posters are the perfect way to educate visitors at large venues and ensure that your event is successful.

What Are Some Of The Way You Can Use Event Signage And Graphics?

Using print graphics are an effective way to remind your customers about safety precautions during an event and can be easily be used for multiple occasions and areas, according to the size of your event.

Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to your guests’ safety through event signage:

At Entrances And Exits

If you have a vast space, you might have multiple entrances to your main venue. If that’s the case, you should have signage at different entrances and exits for people to navigate their way around the forum easily.

People entering and exiting from the same place can lead to close contact and elbow-touching, which do not comply with safety protocols. Clearly marked entrances and exit-ways can also help control traffic flow since it encourages one-way traffic patterns.

To Welcome Your Customers

Participating in social events after a global lockdown will make people feel a tad bit weird. However, a simple “Welcome Back” sign can make them feel comfortable in a once-familiar space and fill them with enthusiasm for the activities that they have been missing

These little gestures go a long way in helping your clients feel pride and happiness.  With increasing competition between entertainment spaces, your customers appreciate of your service can be a huge differentiating factor that can make you stand out.

To Control The Flow Of Foot Traffic

Wayfinding or directional signs to point people towards the right way can without detailed maps or explanations. Well-designed and adequately placed directional signage can also help people feel more comfortable at your event while maintaining a safe distance.

To Maintain Proper Social Distancing

Without prompting directions, people may get lost in their surroundings and forget to maintain distance while interacting. Social distancing signs can remind people to stand 6 feet apart, wear a mask, and use a sanitizer every time they contact a surface. You can also use floor graphics spaced six feet apart to remind people where to stand in a queue.

To Provide Essential Information

Essential information such as conveying the early symptoms of the virus, proper ways of wearing a mask, or the importance of using a hand sanitizer can promote a pro-active and healthy environment for your event.

You can display warning signs at the entrance telling people to visit the event only if they feel healthy.

Helpful posters help your visitors understand the right course of action in case they see anyone with questionable health in the venue or who to contact if they start feeling off themselves.

All in all, colorful and easy-to-understand banners are the perfect way to inform and inspire your venue’s visitors as they attend your event.

Keep Your Design Simple

Since your wayfinding signage and event posters are the first things that people will look at, they must be clear, legible, and easily visible from a distance. Use a color scheme that matches and enhances your brand colors, and make sure to employ typography that is bold and catchy to read.

You can count on Signature Graphics to make event graphics and signage that can be re-used year after year to build a safe and trustworthy relationship with customers.

If you’re looking to organize a large event, get in touch with our team today!

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Avoid These Vehicle Graphic Design Failures

Branding fleet vehicles are a valuable marketing asset. They must evoke an emotional response from onlookers, and that’s why you must choose vehicle wraps carefully.

The good news is that wrap design professionals can come up with some fantastic, eye-catching designs. So work with the right team to propel your marketing efforts with fleet vehicles that are decked out in your brand colors and messaging.

Lousy designs are not just unpleasant to look at, but they can also impact your brand’s image negatively. Look out for the following issues when selecting graphics and wraps for your vehicles:

The Vehicle Wrap Doesn’t Fit The Vehicle

One of the most common graphic design mistakes is not getting the right measurements.

Vehicle wraps should be prepared to the exact specifications of the car. Accurate measurements will help the designers consider curves and symbols used in the design and account for any add-on equipment.

It will also help them design illustrations and logos that are appropriately placed for maximum impact. For example, a symbol or a letter on your vehicle wrap cut in half may seem like a minor issue. But it can ruin your design and negatively impact the vehicle wrap quality.

The Wrap Services Don’t Proofread Their Work

Before getting the wrap printed and installed, proofread any info on it thoroughly. This can include your brand name, tagline, contact info or anything else. Make sure that the colors are in line with your brand aesthetics.

Some marketers prioritize their artwork and graphics more than the text, and that is a mistake. There is nothing more unprofessional than incorrect spellings on a fleet vehicle, negatively affecting your brand’s reputation.

The Wrap Is Made Without Using A Template

Some marketers are in a rush to get their designs printed on the vehicles. And in that hurry, they don’t bother finding out if their design agency is willing to provide a digitized view of what the wraps will look like in real.

This digital template is a great way to ensure that the design fits the car exactly how you want it to and that the elements are placed appropriately to impact the viewers.

Unfortunately, marketers that don’t ask for this template view are often mandated to unwanted surprises when they see the real thing.

The Wrap Doesn’t Cover The Roof Of The Vehicle

Some design agencies skimp on costs by sacrificing wrap design for the roof of the vehicle.

If your fleet drives around the city, chances are that they might catch the attention of those in high-rise buildings. You don’t want your hard-earned marketing collateral to disappear in the traffic, do you?

You need vehicle wraps that extend to the roof so they can stand out in the crowd.

If your target audience is also from an area that has particularly tall buildings and apartments, ignoring the roof of your vehicle will not be the right design choice.

The Design Has Too Much Going On To Be Engaging

While colorful graphics and typography may help your vehicle stand out, too many design elements can also distract the audience. It is advisable to have a minimal, clear design that highlights your branding message and provides clear contact information

Effective wrap design is instantly eye-catching. But at the same time, it has the power to communicate your marketing message in the blink of an eye. It has to be simple yet powerful.

Ensure that the colors you use also reflect the other branding and promotional material, such as your website, logo, or merchandise.

Contact Us

It can be challenging to find the right company to use for your design and print services. But you never have to look beyond Signature Graphics for the best overall results.

We want you to be satisfied with all aspects of our vehicle wrap design services. That’s why our relationship starts with a comprehensive private consultation to determine your needs. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help enhance the effectiveness of your marketing message with design and printing solutions.

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Why Do Brands Die – The Updated Guide Post-Pandemic

The global pandemic of 2020 forced individuals and companies to adopt different ways of settling into the ‘new normal’ of conducting business operations. Companies are trying their best to respond effectively to this crisis. From grappling with supply-chain disruptions to ensuring customer safety and adjusting to new work-place policies, they are doing a lot.

As employee and customer interaction decreases, customer valuation takes a whole new meaning. Many global brands and companies have seized this opportunity to strengthen ties with their customers by showing communal support and empathy.

No matter what industry you’re operating in, an enhanced customer experience is what will make a brand stand out from its competitors. In fact, research shows that 86% of consumers will be willing to pay more for a quality customer experience! This means that brands need to rework and refine their strategies to enhance customer support and remain flexible during a crisis.

In a previous blog article, we shared 4 elements of branding that businesses typically lack in their branding strategies. These branding behaviors remain proven for keeping brands alive in these troubled times:

Lack of Flexibility

Instead of having an elaborate planning strategy, brands should instead focus on a “flexible” approach that allows them to make changes and adjust accordingly as times change.

As the global pandemic struck global economies, there was an immediate need to conduct operations virtually – a remote form of communication that has become a catalyst for business success. From the start of the pandemic, the luxury industry faced some dire consequences as the market for major luxury brands dropped by almost 40% at the end of March 2020.

As a quick strategy to remain afloat, brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton expanded their perfume line into making hand sanitizers. Their openness to innovation helped many of these brands quickly realize that the only way to survive the crisis was to leave old ways behind and develop consistent new strategies.

Lack of Reinvention

There may come a time in your business when you observe your sales being stagnant. When this happens, it means it is time for reinventing your brand! Think about your brand offerings and why it matters to your consumers. Once you’re aware of your consumer offerings, you can reinvent your products and services accordingly.

For example, businesses that were forced to close their stores could shift to an e-commerce platform. If that wasn’t possible immediately, brands could target their customers where they have the most presence: on social media platforms!

Digital transformation has been at an all-time peak during the crisis as more brands than ever focus on website traffic, customer interaction, and data collection online.

Successful businesses show us the importance of reinventing KPI’s to focus on brand awareness and creating communal support groups. This is the way to show care for customers, health-care workers, and other small businesses while nicely cushioning your bottom line.

Lack of Branding

Your customers should remember your brand no matter the circumstances. However, many businesses found out that they didn’t have that kind of branding.

The best way for brands to create a lasting impression is to have a strong brand messaging. Consistent messaging and design across all mediums will help in developing your brand’s recognition on the market.

As an athletic brand that inspires people to play outdoors, Nike quickly re-evaluated its branding strategy to make it more appropriate to the pandemic. They emphasized the need to stay safe with their simple ‘Stay inside, play for the world’ tag-line that encourages people to unite to fight the pandemic.

While other athletic and sportswear brands continued to close their brick-and-mortar stores, Nike adopted a branding message that painted the brand in a positive light. As a result, they reaped the benefits with sustained profitability.

Keep Your Brand Alive with Signature Graphics

Covid-19 has forced companies all over the world to re-invent their branding strategies. As more consumers shift online, creating systems that cater to your online market and having a social media presence is what will keep your brand thriving.

Signature Graphics can provide you expert help in devising marketing strategies that will invigorate your brand by stimulating help, support, and positivity in your target audience. Contact a branding specialist today!

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Measuring the ROI of Your Vehicle Graphics with Roadvert

One challenge of vehicle branding is being able to justify your marketing investment with traffic to the website, leads, and general brand awareness. In a previous blog we discussed tactics for measuring ROI for your vehicle’s wrap. In this article we introduce a product that powers you to do just that – and more!

Monetize Your Fleet with Roadvert

Integrate your vehicles into your digital strategy to generate additional revenue.

Roadvert utilizes beacons placed on your vehicles to engage with consumers.  These beacons transmit timely, relevant, and highly-specific messages about your products or services to nearby smart devices while collecting location data.

Tracking consumers provides brands the opportunity to promote speci­fic information at just the right time to boost brand engagement. When a consumer takes advantage of a beacon-triggered promotion, brands can then identify the origin of the conversion and attribute a sales value to that vehicle.

Proof of Performance

Roadvert is a solution that puts metrics behind the reach of your mobile marketing. The process starts with the Roadvert Media Audience predictor software. The Predictor predicts the reach of your mobile campaigns by deriving data from state sources such as the census and traffic data.


Using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, we activate a measuring solution that utilizes the driver’s device. Track impressions, daily reach, and views per person.


Once your campaign has been activated, the Roadvert platform will engage with the driver’s device and the beacon to record actual results.

  • Daily Effective Reach
  • Campaign Impressions
  • Views Per Person
Customer Acquisition

Vehicle-deployed beacons can deliver notifications to users in the form of text, images, or video via a mobile app. Through these interactions, brands can track users’ behavior while collecting data on their preference and actions. This data delivers a range of marketing opportunities, including the ability to deliver ever more personalized campaigns.

Master Your Vehicle Branding with Signature Graphics

In the competitive arena of marketing, it is essential to diversify and adapt to the evolving climate. Signature Graphics has been helping brands come up with creative ways for measuring the return on investment of their brand activation campaigns for over three decades. If you’re looking to employ your company vehicles as a marketing medium, our experts will create a unique strategy for your business that will make a meaningful impact.

Contact us today!

Looking for more ways to measure the ROI of your vehicle’s wrap? Check out these additional marketing tactics you should incorporate in your vehicle and fleet branding.

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Capture Foot Traffic With Effective Retail Signage

Many shop owners focus more on their store’s appearance in capturing foot traffic rather than memorable signage that seizes new customers’ attention. In an era where E-commerce has gained a firm footing among many shoppers, Foot traffic is vital for any brick and mortar store’s success.

Studies have shown that effective retail signage helps to increase sales and customer engagements. Attracting customers to your store via store signage allows you to interact and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Attracting foot traffic with store signage

One of the best ways of capturing foot traffic is by store signage. Consumers’ first interaction with brands in-store is their signage. The store signage visually displays the brand and attract people in-store.

Retail shops must display their outdoor signage above the entrance or on windows to allow customers to see them easily. When customers do not see your outdoor retail signage, they would not know what the store is selling, leaving them confused and discouraged.

Similarly, retail store signs should help consumers buy products. The store signs must be able to communicate the benefit of the product or services to the consumer and also promotions and discounts. Good store signage must be able to capture foot traffic and ultimately lead the customer to action.

Tips on creating convincing  retail signage

A store’s retail signage should tell a consumer what they are looking for at a selection of products. It must capture the consumers’ minds rather than make them infer what you are selling to them. Here are some tips on how you can create compelling retail signage.

Make it short and concise.

You must avoid the mistake of creating lengthy product information on your store signage. Customers are always in a hurry. They should be able to quickly skim through your retail signage and make their decision in a quick time. The information on your store signage must be direct and straight to the point if you want customers’ engagements.

Ensure the fonts are clear, bold, and easy to read

You can have well-written product information on your retail store signage and still not get the desired foot traffic from customers. Hard to read font characters, and the use of multiple colors on your store signage puts off customers’ interest. Shoppers must easily read your message if they are to form an opinion on buying your product.

Tell your customers a  good reason why they are buying the products.

The secret of attracting foot traffic with store signage lies in the message you are conveying to your customers. Your retail store signage must be able to appeal to the emotions of the consumer. For instance, a father buying a PS5 gadget for his son can be told, ” Be the best dad in the world to your son with this.”

Similarly, your store sign on beauty products could also say,” Be the cynosure of all eyes with this.” Consumers love to be reassured of why they must buy a product, and your store signage should do that.

Do not forget to put your signage to test

Until you test your signage, you cannot say that you have a great shop sign design. You can ask friends to check your signage from a driving distance to know if the words can be seen clearly or not. By so doing, you would be able to detect the shortcomings of your sign.

Be creative

Customers are moved by what they see. So designing uninspiring retail signage would be a great disservice to the growth of your business. The goal of effective signage is to captivate the interest of shoppers. Dull signs might only draw a glance from shoppers but would not move them to take action.

Know when to use the right signage for each purpose

There are different types of retail signage, and each of them is designed based on the purpose they serve. Outdoor signage must be bright and compelling enough to capture the interest of customers.

For promotional signage, you should use words commonly used by the customer’s favorite brands and apply them to your brand inventory. Ensure your retail signage carries the relevant messages capable of convincing your customers to buy your products.

Designing effective retail signage to attract foot traffic in your store can be fun and exciting. Make use of these few tips and other creative retail signage ideas and see your store’s foot traffic come alive.

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7 Reasons to Invest in Company Branded Vehicles

Advertising is an excellent way of reaching a larger audience of people interested in your product and services. While billboards, TV commercials, and social media ads are some of the most common advertising methods, investing in a company vehicle wraps is a smart way of selling your business to more consumers.

A custom vehicle wrap is done on cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc. Their colorful display and well-bolded lettering help to create the much-needed impact it is designed to achieve.

The benefits of branding a company vehicle

Company branded vehicles are more like mobile billboards that catch road users’ eyes as the vehicle is in motion. A branded company vehicle is likely to turn viewers into customers anytime your vehicle hits the road.  Let’s take a look at these seven benefits of investing in a company vehicle wrap.

#1.  They are colorful and eye-catching

Vehicle wraps are beautiful, colorful, and eye-catching. They can cover the entire vehicle surface or just a part of it. With top-notch graphics and bright colors, vehicle wraps are designed to make a statement of elegance. Vehicle wraps are printed with full-color carrying your company’s logo and motto.

#2. Cost-effective advertising method

Advertising is essential for growing a business. However, spending too much on it may be detrimental to the success of your business. Custom vehicle wraps are an excellent advertising method as it allows you to reach more potential customers without breaking the banks on advertising costs.

Most companies are seeking ways to cut costs and increase their return on investment. Statistics show that out of home (OOH) advertising generates an average of $5.97 in product sales for every money spent.

Investing in vehicle wraps is a sure way of getting great value for less cost as you do not rent any space for ads or pay for billboards. It only involves a one time cost of fixing the wrap while your business enjoys continuous exposure to more potential customers.

#3. Creates a lasting impression

Vehicle wraps are beautifully and colorfully designed, which gives them that lasting impression factor with viewers. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America(OAAA), out of home, advertisement is well received by people when compared to other methods of advertisement.

This is because they do not unnecessarily impede on the everyday life of persons. Vehicle wraps are gaining popularity as many road users find them appealing and essential as it helps them get possible solutions to their problems while driving.

#4. Builds Brand Awareness

One of the purposes of advertising is to create brand awareness. You can improve your brand awareness by investing in company vehicle wraps.

According to the OOAA, businesses can boost their daily reach by 212% if they add OOH ads to their social networking channels. Similarly, 58% of consumers’ reports show that people check a business online after seeing their OOH ads. Aside from increasing your brand awareness, vehicle wraps can effectively create direct conversations with potential customers.

#5. It gives your vehicle a superior protection

No business likes to spend vast sums of money on refurbishing damaged vehicles or pay high penalty fees for damaged rented vehicles. Vehicle wraps are a great way of protecting your company’s vehicle while also creating brand awareness.

Vehicle wraps have a layer of vinyl over the paint, which helps to serve as a shield against dirt and gravel hitting the vehicle. You can decide to replace the wraps to save you the cost of expensive vehicle repairs. You rest assured of your company vehicles remaining clean and unscathed when the wrap is removed. The adhesives used in applying the wrap ensures that the original color of your vehicle remains unchanged.

#6. Brings your business to the A-league

Investing in vehicle wraps gives your business the same awareness as other top brands that spend so much on other forms of advertising. Vehicle wraps help to level the competition between your business and more prominent brands. It is one smart way of advertising as it allows you to spend less on advertising and more on other areas that would enhance your business’s growth. According to the OAAA, mobile advertising keeps your business in the game by reaching more consumers at a lower cost.

#7. It is flexible

Unlike stationary advertising platforms, vehicle wraps are mobile and can be driven to areas that could fetch good visibility and impressions. Depending on the product you are offering, you can move your ads to areas that best suit your product. You can drive around areas where you have your target audience based on demographics and the nature of your business.

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The Impact of Effective Branding in 2020

A crucial component of consistent branding is adapting to the needs of different customer bases across various channels. This year, some businesses may have had to adjust their branding and marketing mediums like never before, using all available digital channels to their advantage.

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of establishing a successful brand. In times of crisis, brands need to reach out to their customers and ensure they practice safety and empathy.

In a previous blog article, we shared tactics for effective branding that prove to be important now more than ever. Here are a few ways brands were able to deliver, remain relevant, and achieve effective branding in 2020:

An Efficient Feedback System

No business can work well without a loyal customer base. The best way to ensure that customers are satisfied with your services is to have two-way feedback that enables them to provide suggestions and feedback in real-time.

For example, even though Starbucks is a huge company, they do not take customer suggestions lightly. In fact, they have curated a whole website of customer ideas that make it easy for coffee-lovers to give their advice about new drinks. No wonder people keep coming back to Starbucks – and their pumpkin spice latte (which was a suggestion by a customer!)

With many retailers and brands trying to off-set their diminished footfall through an online store, the need for efficient customer support has been more than ever! Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, many brands, including Uber and Lexus, have incorporated AI systems and chatbots for automated customer service to deliver efficient results.

Engage with Your Consumers

Once again, Starbucks takes the lead in having a friendly customer relationship, quick responses, and random Twitter conversations. Here is an example of how Starbucks likes, comments, and retweets most of its customers’ comments.

Your brand should make your customers feel like their opinion is valued and taken into consideration. The best way to do that is to engage in positive communication on social media. If a customer tags you on Instagram, repost their story with a note of thanks. If a customer has had a negative experience, make sure your customer support team reaches out and offers a compensation discount to welcome them back.

According to Forrester, brands with an efficient channel for customer communication generate 5.7 times more revenue. Now is the time to expand your customer base by showing help, support, and care.

Tips for Branding Your Product Or Service

Established businesses like Apple or Microsoft don’t have to worry about developing a brand. But, many new small-business owners lose sleep over the concept of creating a brand identity. Developing a brand identity is crucial, and establishing a brand presence in the market takes considerable time and effort.

Here are a few tips to start your brand journey:

Be consistent

Consistent visuals across your social media channels and website make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand. Studies show that consistent branding increases revenue by 23%!

If you communicate with consumers over email, make sure you have a segmented email list for your consumer to send them consistent updates about your business.

Be creative

This is the time to show your brand’s creative and fun side. If your brand targets the youth, try to create bold visuals. If you’re operating in a luxury market, your typography and logo should follow a minimal, elegant style.

However, be wary of what has already been done in the market. You wouldn’t want your customers to think your brand is a knock-off!

Create a Brand That Lasts with Signature Graphics

Remember, your brand is your identity. Your purpose is more than just to generate sales and revenue; it is also important to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers. That’s the key to long-term success as a brand and a business.

Signature Graphics marketing expertise can unearth a strategy that will bring your brand to life and encourage positive participation with your key audience. Connect with a branding specialist today to discover visual branding applications that will keep your brand healthy and vital.

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Keeping Schools Safe: Fun Social Distancing Graphics

Just when families were starting to settle in with the “new normal”, schools have begun to open up again with social distancing graphics and protective equipment in place to ensure the student’s wellbeing.

However, this has left parents worried that safety protocols aren’t being adequately followed, especially when maintaining distance in classrooms and playgrounds. Many of them would like schools to ensure that precautions are adhered to while also catering to students’ mental health.

Schools must do everything in their power to make it easier for students to adjust to the new normal.

Health & safety social distancing graphics for hallways, restrooms, and classroom desk barriers are easy to understand and helps convey important messages to students. With the right signage displayed appropriately, it becomes easier to remind everyone, teachers and students alike, of all the ways they can remain safe and healthy.

According to research,  classrooms have a mix of visual and auditory learners, with 29% of children in a typical classroom being visual learners, 34% auditory learners, and 37% kinesthetic learners (learning from a mixture of both auditory and visual signage). This means that incorporating graphic signage is not only helpful, but it is essential!

Engage with Your Students On-Campus Through Branding Designs

With the right visual cues, you can ensure that students understand how to stay safe while also having fun interacting with their friends and teachers at school. The message must be conveyed in a way that doesn’t add to their anxiety and worries.

They should want to come to school every day and still follow the safety precautions that have been put in place for their safety.

And there is no doubt that your campus signage and graphics can play a really important role in creating a positive experience for the students. Here’s how:

Foster School-Spirit Through Interactive Designs

Aesthetically-pleasing, interactive designs make students stop and read signs. They are more likely to follow the rules and measures that would otherwise have been communicated in simple, unappealing ways.

Colorful mascots, posters, and other eye-catching signs can foster a sense of cohesion that binds the campus community together. It can also encourage students to adopt a more positive attitude towards learning and adjust comfortably.

You can also leverage your school’s wayfinding signage by giving specific colors to places around campus. For example, put up arrow signs in your school colors, guiding students to the help center to get assistance.

This will not only enhance their experience on campus, but also reiterate your school’s brand.

Remind Kids of Maintaining a Healthy Distance From Each Other

As the world adjusts to a new normal at the workplace and in schools, the most important thing to take care of is maintaining a healthy social distance. However, in classrooms, it is easy for students to forget to maintain this distance. However, with custom desk barriers on every student’s desk, social distancing can be easy and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

The best part? These custom desk barriers can be personalized with student names, their school, or even their mascot! Signature Graphics has various plastic-made desk barriers that can optimize safety measures taken at school while also adding a personalized touch for every student.

Make Your Signage Fun Enough to Blend in With the Environment

Before you go installing signage in your school, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make it easy for students to use these signs.

It should be well-thought-out and planned in advance to easily blend in with the school’s structure. For instance, all your signs and graphics should have colors that go with the school’s theme, making it impossible to ignore them.

With the right signs, it becomes possible for teachers to foster a feeling of wellbeing and ensure interactive communication with students.

However, at the same time, it is important to ensure that your social distancing graphics don’t contribute to information overload.

Since your signage will be everywhere, you must follow a simple, bold, easy-to-read font that can stand out even from a distance. With young minds still learning to recognize cursive or different writing styles, they can easily ignore these signs due to high readability. Therefore, employ font styles that can cause students to read more, rather than confusing them.

Return to School Safely with Signature Graphics

Campus signage can engage your students in a way that can tie in participation, wayfinding, and safety measures altogether. It can also students get acquainted with the surroundings quickly so they won’t get lost finding their way around the campus.

Moreover, graphics can also make your school standout and form a strong first impression.

If you’re worried about how to go about designing and installing appropriate social distancing signs at your institutions, get in touch with the specialists at Signature Graphics. They can create eye-catching graphics, print, and install the perfect school signage to help keep your students safe.

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We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Signature Graphics Window Film Installation

Crystalline Window Film

Enhancing Driver Safety – Blocking 99.9% of UV Light

Signature Graphics’ Crystalline Window Film provide a high-performance combination of high visible light transmission and low visible light reflection with high heat gain reduction capabilities. These patented multilayer and metal free nanotechnology optical films have more than 200 layers in what is less than the thickness of a 3M™ Post-It Note®.


Stay Cool

Rejection of up to 62% of the total solar energy and up to 97% of the heat-producing infrared rays gives you the ultimate in comfort

Superior UV Protection

Blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light, the Crystalline Series provides a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000.  This helps provide vehicle occupants with significant protection from harmful UV rays.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Crystalline Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get.  Sold and installed by professional 3MTM Authorized Dealer Installers, our films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.

See Clearly & Safely

The Crystalline Series is designed to enhance your view by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out, so you can see clearly through your windows – and maintain your vehicle’s original appearance.

Stay Connected

The Crystalline Series is a non-metallized window film that won’t interfere with mobile devices, GPS or satellite radio reception.

Reduce Glare

The Crystalline Series reduces up to 77% of the glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving.

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We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.