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What To Consider When Branding Your Fleet

Whether your brand has a full-fledged fleet operation or a single van for delivery operations, vehicle wraps are a cost-effective, creative way of adding value to your marketing campaign.

According to research, 98% of people consider fleet branding to be more effective than billboard graphics. They not only like seeing vehicles that are decked out in their brand colors, but also appreciate businesses that go the extra mile!

It’s the perfect way to ensure that your target audiences won’t be able to ignore your business vehicles.

In most companies, the marketing department is responsible for everything from conceptualization to the execution of fleet branding. But they usually hire a vendor to help them execute those designs.

And many others simply outsource the entire function, hiring an agency to both design and print fleet wraps.

Use Fleet Graphics To Build Brand Awareness

To make a lasting impression on your customer, you must stay in front them and ensure repeated exposure.

This is best done through branding your fleet with the right graphics.

Are your vehicles out and about for most of the day? In that case, branding them with your logo, website, and contact number is an effective way to continuously remind onlookers about your services.  It acts as a constant re-enforcement of your presence and provides a consistent branding structure for your vehicles.

In fact, 97% of respondents admit to recalling a message advertised by a vehicle. This is clear proof that vinyl wraps work.

Branding your fleet is also a great way of expanding your audience.

Because fleet wraps are always on the go, you can attract and inform audiences in and around your service area. Messages on your fleet can be changed to target specific demographic audiences.

If you’re still determining your strategy, make sure that your design agency or team has access to the following:

Cutting-Edge Vinyl Wrap Print Technology

Using a state-of-the-art wide-format digital printer is nothing like the HP you use at the office. A lot more goes into creating a vibrant and true-to-color image when printing car wraps.

You’ll want to work with someone who uses the best quality vinyl and delivers a powerful print profile. That’s the only way to maximize your marketing dollar and ensure that your fleet vehicles look good doing it.

Unfortunately, many print shops don’t care for these elements, delivering over or under saturated images that look bad.

We understand that high-quality prints are a must. That’s why we utilize the finest design technologies that can hold up well over time and suit all your advertising needs.

Installation Services

Here at Signature Graphics, we provide our clients with vehicle wraps appropriate for long-term campaigns and short-term promotions.

If you think installing a wrap is as easy as putting on a giant sticker, you are wrong!

It took our technicians countless hours of practice and wasted material to learn the right way to install a wrap. That’s what gives them complete expertise over different materials used to make vehicle wraps.

Trimming the wrap is possibly the most critical aspect of the installation. It requires excellent technique and a steady hand because if the excess wrap material isn’t cut and tucked carefully, your car will end up looking terrible.

Vehicle graphics should like a paint job, and we know just how to do it right.

We are a part of a national installation network that delivers fast graphics installation, wherever you need.

Inventory And Fulfillment

When you’re researching for the right company or vendor to take care of your fleet graphics, make sure that you are aware of their ordering system. Do they have a 24/7 ordering system? Can you order graphics on a demand-basis?

These things are essential to know for efficient brand management. Signature Graphics can provide you with weekly updates about your inventory levels, design storage, and distribution facility. We also offer an in-house storage facility if your in-house storage facility has no space.

Our in-house Brand Management software, brandRESPONSE lets clients audit, monitor and review all their branding projects as we design and manage them. This ensures efficient communication between our designers and clients, making the entire process run smoothly.

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We understand that you want to build your brand and entice your target audience to contact you when they need your products or services. We will work closely with you to design graphics you love and install them with beautiful results. Get in touch with our experienced team at Signature Graphics today to learn more about our design and installation services.