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Large Venue Event Graphics For Social Distancing

The global pandemic changed the way people interact with each other in homes, workspaces, and across the world at large. As Governments implement social distancing rules, people have had to adopt these safety protocols as part of a ‘new normal.’ These precautions have become a way of life.

So as we move forward into 2021, large events like concerts, weddings, and conferences are possible only if social distancing guidelines are followed. Event organizers must do everything in their power to mitigate the attendee’s fears of safety.

Printed banners and posters are the perfect way to educate visitors at large venues and ensure that your event is successful.

What Are Some Of The Way You Can Use Event Signage And Graphics?

Using print graphics are an effective way to remind your customers about safety precautions during an event and can be easily be used for multiple occasions and areas, according to the size of your event.

Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to your guests’ safety through event signage:

At Entrances And Exits

If you have a vast space, you might have multiple entrances to your main venue. If that’s the case, you should have signage at different entrances and exits for people to navigate their way around the forum easily.

People entering and exiting from the same place can lead to close contact and elbow-touching, which do not comply with safety protocols. Clearly marked entrances and exit-ways can also help control traffic flow since it encourages one-way traffic patterns.

To Welcome Your Customers

Participating in social events after a global lockdown will make people feel a tad bit weird. However, a simple “Welcome Back” sign can make them feel comfortable in a once-familiar space and fill them with enthusiasm for the activities that they have been missing

These little gestures go a long way in helping your clients feel pride and happiness.  With increasing competition between entertainment spaces, your customers appreciate of your service can be a huge differentiating factor that can make you stand out.

To Control The Flow Of Foot Traffic

Wayfinding or directional signs to point people towards the right way can without detailed maps or explanations. Well-designed and adequately placed directional signage can also help people feel more comfortable at your event while maintaining a safe distance.

To Maintain Proper Social Distancing

Without prompting directions, people may get lost in their surroundings and forget to maintain distance while interacting. Social distancing signs can remind people to stand 6 feet apart, wear a mask, and use a sanitizer every time they contact a surface. You can also use floor graphics spaced six feet apart to remind people where to stand in a queue.

To Provide Essential Information

Essential information such as conveying the early symptoms of the virus, proper ways of wearing a mask, or the importance of using a hand sanitizer can promote a pro-active and healthy environment for your event.

You can display warning signs at the entrance telling people to visit the event only if they feel healthy.

Helpful posters help your visitors understand the right course of action in case they see anyone with questionable health in the venue or who to contact if they start feeling off themselves.

All in all, colorful and easy-to-understand banners are the perfect way to inform and inspire your venue’s visitors as they attend your event.

Keep Your Design Simple

Since your wayfinding signage and event posters are the first things that people will look at, they must be clear, legible, and easily visible from a distance. Use a color scheme that matches and enhances your brand colors, and make sure to employ typography that is bold and catchy to read.

You can count on Signature Graphics to make event graphics and signage that can be re-used year after year to build a safe and trustworthy relationship with customers.

If you’re looking to organize a large event, get in touch with our team today!