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Avoid These Vehicle Graphic Design Failures

Branding fleet vehicles are a valuable marketing asset. They must evoke an emotional response from onlookers, and that’s why you must choose vehicle wraps carefully.

The good news is that wrap design professionals can come up with some fantastic, eye-catching designs. So work with the right team to propel your marketing efforts with fleet vehicles that are decked out in your brand colors and messaging.

Lousy designs are not just unpleasant to look at, but they can also impact your brand’s image negatively. Look out for the following issues when selecting graphics and wraps for your vehicles:

The Vehicle Wrap Doesn’t Fit The Vehicle

One of the most common graphic design mistakes is not getting the right measurements.

Vehicle wraps should be prepared to the exact specifications of the car. Accurate measurements will help the designers consider curves and symbols used in the design and account for any add-on equipment.

It will also help them design illustrations and logos that are appropriately placed for maximum impact. For example, a symbol or a letter on your vehicle wrap cut in half may seem like a minor issue. But it can ruin your design and negatively impact the vehicle wrap quality.

The Wrap Services Don’t Proofread Their Work

Before getting the wrap printed and installed, proofread any info on it thoroughly. This can include your brand name, tagline, contact info or anything else. Make sure that the colors are in line with your brand aesthetics.

Some marketers prioritize their artwork and graphics more than the text, and that is a mistake. There is nothing more unprofessional than incorrect spellings on a fleet vehicle, negatively affecting your brand’s reputation.

The Wrap Is Made Without Using A Template

Some marketers are in a rush to get their designs printed on the vehicles. And in that hurry, they don’t bother finding out if their design agency is willing to provide a digitized view of what the wraps will look like in real.

This digital template is a great way to ensure that the design fits the car exactly how you want it to and that the elements are placed appropriately to impact the viewers.

Unfortunately, marketers that don’t ask for this template view are often mandated to unwanted surprises when they see the real thing.

The Wrap Doesn’t Cover The Roof Of The Vehicle

Some design agencies skimp on costs by sacrificing wrap design for the roof of the vehicle.

If your fleet drives around the city, chances are that they might catch the attention of those in high-rise buildings. You don’t want your hard-earned marketing collateral to disappear in the traffic, do you?

You need vehicle wraps that extend to the roof so they can stand out in the crowd.

If your target audience is also from an area that has particularly tall buildings and apartments, ignoring the roof of your vehicle will not be the right design choice.

The Design Has Too Much Going On To Be Engaging

While colorful graphics and typography may help your vehicle stand out, too many design elements can also distract the audience. It is advisable to have a minimal, clear design that highlights your branding message and provides clear contact information

Effective wrap design is instantly eye-catching. But at the same time, it has the power to communicate your marketing message in the blink of an eye. It has to be simple yet powerful.

Ensure that the colors you use also reflect the other branding and promotional material, such as your website, logo, or merchandise.

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