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The Signature Approach to Emergency Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to designing the ideal look for your fleet of emergency vehicles, you want something that will reflect the branding perspective of your organization. Police departments, healthcare, and fire departments all have safety and legal requirements their vehicle graphics must adhere to, and this varies across each region. 

What Your Emergency Vehicle Needs

Before branding your fleet of emergency vehicles, it is important to determine if your organization will be creating a new design or adapting a design from your current fleet.

You may be rolling out graphic updates slowly, or need to adapt your current fleet graphics to a fleet of new vehicles. Or maybe you are looking to rebrand an entire fleet, in this case replacing your current fleet graphics with a new design. Whether you are adapting your brand, or outfitting an entire fleet with a new design, it is critical to consult with your organization to determine the legal requirements your fleet graphics must follow as an emergency vehicle.

For example, if you are branding an ambulance, you must have a notice if your vehicle is carrying oxygen. Or perhaps your emergency vehicle must be recognizable from above by a helicopter. Vehicles that are carrying medical equipment, even equipment that is not considered hazardous, may need to mark their vehicles with this information.

What’s Out There?

Reflective film wraps are a popular choice for emergency vehicles, but depending on your department’s requirements, they do not necessarily have to be 100% reflective. To increase vehicle visibility, asset managers can select custom designs and colors, and can even turn your emergency vehicle into a symbol for exposure and awareness for different causes. With ample space, ambulances can be a great canvas for promoting breast cancer awareness.

Whatever requirements and awareness you must present, these can be worked into the material, design, and installation of your fleet graphics.

Resilient Graphics for Emergency Vehicles

At Signature Graphics, we understand that your emergency vehicles are in constant use and could get damaged over time. With our national installation network, we provide repair and replacement solutions to restore imperfections in no time. Our patented brandRESPONSE graphics management software brings you unparalleled visibility to your fleet’s graphics with real-time updates and intel from each graphic interaction.

We work with fleet managers, first-response teams, safety, and government officials to ensure your emergency vehicles are noticed on the road. The Signature approach is a comprehensive solution, considering an entire fleet’s branding perspective. Our team puts in the time to understand all the different assets and collaborates with asset managers to map a path of success for your organization.

Whatever your organization’s needs are, our teams at Signature Graphics will guide you in the right direction. As branding experts, and a history of experience branding emergency vehicle graphics, your fleet is in good hands.

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