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Choosing the Right Type of Window Vinyl Coverage

Window vinyl coverings come in a range of different looks and styles to match your marketing needs. They can all be personalized to make sure that you get exactly what you need for a business, organization, or anything else.

Perforated Window Film

This type of window film is well-known, so it is asked for quite frequently, but it’s important to consider the parameters of your marketing campaigns to determine what’s best for your needs. While it can be customized and made to fit just about any purpose, it has a limited amount of durability and only lasts about one year. Even still, if you want to promote text, logos, or images, perforated window film it’s a great choice.

Opaque or Clear Vinyl

This type of window film is great for smaller logos or short text that is being applied to a window. Whether you are looking for something that will obscure what is inside or something as clear as possible (or something in the middle) choose from varying types of material to fit your needs. Plus, with Signature Graphics, you can customize them however you want with the help of our complimentary creative design team.

Crystalline Window Film

If you have ever driven down the road on a sunny day you’ve probably experienced the way the sun seems to shine directly in your eyes. Even sunglasses and sun visors prove ineffective. For fleet vehicle drivers, this can be costly without proper long-term UV protection.

At Signature Graphics we can help you get just the right crystalline series of film to protect your drivers from 99% of ultraviolet light without having to worry about reducing visibility. Not to mention this film can make your drivers more comfortable by reducing temperature by as much as 20◦F.

All crystalline window film can easily be removed whenever necessary. If you need to increase or decrease your tint (from six different levels) or if you return or sell the vehicle you can remove the film easily and without damage to the windshield.

Window and Retail Graphics

One of the best ways you can showcase your marketing messages is to decorate the windows at your business or retail establishment. We can help you create a custom design with our professional design and printing team, whether you are looking for a small logo or a large multi-window display.

Work with our team to develop the look you want, and we will help you create your message with the highest quality materials, and a team of national installers. Most of our graphics can be easily removed or replaced, leaving no adhesive residue behind upon removal.  

Window Vinyl Coverage Applications

How can you utilize window vinyl graphics for your business? What can’t you do? Promote seasonal sales in retail stores, return to business safely with social distancing graphics, or take your marketing to the next level with a variety of fleet graphics solutions for trailers, buses, emergency vehicles, and more!

Count on Signature Graphics to guide you in every step of the design and install process and rest assured you will receive the highest quality, effective window vinyl coverings to achieve your business and marketing goals.