Removing fleet graphics
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Understanding the Cost of Fleet Graphics Removal

As a fleet manager, you’re likely responsible for tracking when your fleet needs a vehicle wrap update. If you’re updating existing fleet graphics, you’ll need to budget not only for new graphics but also for removal. Because there are many factors that go into pricing fleet graphics removal, budgeting can be difficult to forecast. To help, we’ve put together a helpful guide to navigating the factors involved in estimating the cost of fleet graphics removal.

Considerations in Vehicle Wrap Removal

When installed properly with high quality materials, vehicle wraps can last for years. At some point, they will likely need to be updated or removed.

Having the following information available can help you get an accurate quote on preparing your fleet for graphic removal.

  • Where are you located? Environmental conditions can play a part in what it takes to remove the fleet graphics. For example, sun bleaching and ghosting of old graphics on the paint can be an obstacle that will take extra time and expertise to overcome.
  • Where is your fleet stored? If you’re working with a transient fleet, coordination of graphic removers and installers is key and could factor into the cost. The cost is based on pop-up tents, labor, and materials to remove the graphics.
  • How long have the graphics been on the vehicle? The longer the graphics are on the vehicle, the more impact it has on your vehicle paint. This can result in a more complicated removal process.
  • Do you know who installed your previous fleet graphics? Most removals need inspections and testing of the materials to see what it’s going to take to remove the graphics.
  • Lastly, will the job require heat or chemicals for removal? Sometimes it’s a better option to overlay graphics and save time and cost. An example of where this makes sense is the ghosting of old graphics. It may make sense to make the vinyl wrap background the same color as the vehicle to hide the ghosting effects on the paint. It’s much cheaper than repainting the vehicle or sacrificing brand appearance when ghosting is an issue.

How to Make Fleet Graphics Removal Easier

Fleet graphic condition isn’t just a game of chance. There are steps you can take to help make the vehicle wrap removal process easier:

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