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Incorporating Social Media and Hashtags in Fleet Branding

First impressions tend to last well beyond that first encounter. As a Fleet Manager, you’re always looking for avenues to increase brand exposure and ways to convey your brand’s message consistently. As technology advances and the world of social media expands, it’s crucial that brands continue to integrate their message throughout different social media platforms. 

Brands use social media and, more specifically, hashtags to continuously participate in larger conversations or trending subject matter online. By participating in these discussions, you can increase the reach of your posts and attract more attention to your brand and its cause.

Benefits of Incorporating Hashtags in Fleet Graphics

Hashtags are a powerful tool that amplifies your messages and grows your online presence. They can help your brand reach niche audiences and build communities. Hashtags can aid in creating viral campaigns, increasing brand awareness, and reaching business and campaign goals.  

Using hashtags online make your brand easier to find by increasing its awareness. Hashtags connect your posts to specific themes and topics, making it easier for your audience to find, understand, relate to, and engage with your posts. 

Determining What Hashtags to Use with Your Brand

Before deciding what hashtags to use for your social media and brand, establish what your goals are. After you’ve decided on your endgame, you can start digging into the world of hashtags. 

Using popular hashtags is a great way to initiate brainstorming for your new content. You can monitor these specific hashtags and begin engaging with other users who are also participating. But proceed with caution, including spam-like, generic, irrelevant, or even too many hashtags can do more harm than good in regard to your brand. Choose your hashtags thoughtfully to help you reach a like-minded audience. Instagram and Tik Tok recommend 3-5 hashtags per post, Facebook and Twitter recommend only 1-2 hashtags per post, and LinkedIn recommends 2-3 hashtags per post. 

You can also turn to your social media’s trend-specific pages to find examples or to help you brainstorm. For example, on Instagram, you can browse their “Explore Page” to identify what posts are trending. For Twitter, you can browse the trending topics on the search page. Take notes on the certain hashtags that are being included, and hop on the bandwagon if they align with your brand. You can also study your competitors’ social media strategies to find relevant and effective hashtags for your brand.

Tips for Using Social Media and Hashtags with Your Brand 

To perfect the art of the hashtag, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to refer to when deciding the best hashtags to use for your brand. 

  1. Create your own branded hashtags. Branded hashtags can increase visibility, clicks, and mentions. Make sure you’re using this specific hashtag consistently throughout your social media accounts, and have your audience respond with the same hashtag or post content related to your brand with your brand-specific hashtag attached to the post. 
  2. Use more relevant hashtags in your content. Once you’ve decided on what hashtags you’re using, it’s time to start incorporating them into your content. A general recommendation in regard to hashtags is the less, the more. Avoid stuffing your posts and captions full of hashtags. Not only could this deter users from your content, but it could also lead the social platform to mark or categorize your posts as spam. Stick to just a few hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your message.
  3. The more consistent your message is, the more your brand builds awareness. Fleet graphics are a strong avenue of advertising, and keeping your message consistent across your fleet will help brand exposure. Prominently displaying your social media handles and brand hashtags will encourage consumers to visit your platforms. 
  4. Analyze and report on your hashtags’ progress. Tracking your hashtags and their progress is crucial in making sure they’re impacting your social performance the way you want. You can track the popularity, the reach, the interactions, and the users that engage with your content.


The hashtag isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more fundamental to the success of your content’s performance than ever before. By delivering content with the right hashtags for your brand, you can forge strong relationships with your community, continue to build your fleet’s brand awareness, and achieve your goals on social media.

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