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Food & Beverage Fleet Graphics are Easy to Digest

semi truck trailer with Milos fleet graphicWant more eyes feasting upon your food and beverage brands?

Don’t wait for customers to be walking up and down the aisles of your store or driving past your restaurant – go the mobile billboard route by using fleet graphics for company trucks and vehicles.

How Fleet Graphics Help You Stand Out

More and more food and beverage companies are turning to utilizing graphics on their trucks, trailers, cars and more. Why? In an increasingly competitive and hard-to-penetrate advertising market where traditional methods are not as effective as they once were – print and TV ads are easier than ever to ignore or pay to avoid – brands need to rethink their marketing approach.

Using fleet graphics still works in today’s increasingly high-tech world because people still drive. They still ride public transportation. They still get out on the road every day of the week, either as driver or passenger.

Why Drivers Are A Valuable Audience

Studies show this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Americans spend more time in traffic than ever before: commute times have increased nearly 250% in the last 10 years. The Traffic Audit Bureau did a study concluding that the average fleet vehicle is seen by at least 60,000 people – also known as current and potential customers – on a daily basis.

With fleet graphics, you don’t rely upon a select number of consumers to drive past your billboard every day on their commute to work. You take your “billboard” to them each day, in front of different consumers in various parts of the city, metropolitan area or region. They don’t even have to be facing you in a certain direction – a wrap is facing drivers whether they’re next to, behind or even facing you at a stoplight.

That equates to millions of visual impressions each year. A study from 3M™ found that trucks in major metropolitan areas could generate up to 16 million such impressions each year. Signature Graphics proudly uses 3M graphic films and overlaminates.

Not only do more people see fleet graphics – they remember them better. A study by the RYP & Becker Group discovered that 97% of people recall ads on a specific vehicle, with 98% of those respondents believing the ad elicited a positive association with the company being advertised.

Part of the reason for this recollection rate is that drivers are a captive audience. Although distracted driving is an unfortunate phenomenon, drivers’ eyes are presumably on the road and on fellow vehicles. Motorists can’t blink their eyes and change the channel or go to another website like they can on other marketing mediums.

Fleet Graphics Make Financial Sense

As opposed to other mediums, fleet graphics are the most economically sound way to advertise. Whereas television can cost more than $20 per impression and billboards are more than $3.50 per impression, the cost of fleet graphics can average about 50 cents per impression. They also require less upkeep and design than other advertisements, which have to be designed or recreated on a regular basis.

To discover for yourself how Signature Graphics can get more eyes feasting upon your food and drink business with fleet graphics, email us or call 800-356-3235