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How Environmental Graphics Can Calm Young Patients

bird graphics on wall in hospital

We get it: Going to a hospital or medical clinic isn’t anyone’s idea of fun – particularly nervous or frightened children who’d rather not be subjected to metal tools and needles carried by adults in white coats.

Finding ways to connect with them and take some of the fear out of the equation makes it easier on everyone …  – the young patient, the medical staff and the parent. Fun, colorful and calming environmental graphics that appeal to children can be very helpful in de-escalating a potentially traumatic experience.

Signature Graphics knows that the properly placed and executed print graphics can make medical appointments not only bearable but enjoyable for the smallest patients. These graphics can help blur the line between clinical and personal, helping a child and their parent feel at ease and know they’re in capable, caring hands.

Plus, it can help maximize your space, allowing windows, floors, doors and walls to work toward the goal of making the visit as enjoyable as possible.

How can graphics calm nerves? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use cartoon characters: Softening a medical facility’s image with friendly animals or characters immediately makes the visit feel less “serious” to a child.
  • “This Way” to great health: Clearly marked signage directing patients to a particular room or space can help them calmly navigate an unfamiliar setting.
  • Get on their level: Installing graphics at a child’s level can further engage them and make them feel more at ease. We can install long-lasting floor graphics to catch kids’ eyes for a long time to come. You could even try graphics that contain a game to further take their minds off the setting.
  • Think about colors: Colors can affect emotions, so try to select colors that promote calm, peacefulness, health or optimism. Think green, neutrals, yellow or orange.

Regardless of how you decide to use environmental graphics to make young patients feel at ease in your facility, you can be confident in Signature Graphics’ ability to help you plan, design, install or remove them. Contact us today to find out more.