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Preparing for a rebrand: step three [Video]

Whether you've decided to hire an outside company or work with someone in house on your rebrand, now is the time for you to come up with a plan.

Preparing for a rebrand: step two [Video]

The second step of preparing your business for a rebrand is to rally the troops. 

Preparing for a rebrand: step one [Video]

Deciding to rebrand your business is an exciting and intimidating decision. 

How do interior graphics influence the mood of your office?

Certain colors or images can subconsciously alter and affect workers' moods, so be careful and make sure you're choosing the right interior decor.

About retail graphics [Video]

You want the graphics at the front of your store to be appealing enough to your key demographic that it not only grabs potential customers' attention, but also gets them in the store.

The importance of fleet graphics [Video]

Think about how many hours a week your company cars spend on the road.

Office design’s affect on employees

While the job itself plays a large part in an employee's attitude and morale in the workplace, the office needs to be taken into account as well.

Signs your company needs a rebrand: Part 3 [Video]

Another sign that your business would benefit from a rebrand is if it's been "in the process" of changing before.

Signs your company needs a rebrand: Part 2 [Video]

One of the first signs that your company is in need of rebrand is if your logo is too similar to the competition's.

Signs your company needs a rebrand: Part 1 [Video]

Many business owners will go years with tired branding, unaware of how much the company would actually benefit from an update.

Invest in university graphics [Video]

What's a university without some school spirit? 

About event graphics [Video]

You need to make sure everything is perfect when you're planning a large event for your business. 

Branding with merchandise: Part 4 [Video]

Many companies find it worthwhile to give prospective customers or clients small promotional items with their business name on it.

Branding with merchandise: Part 3 [Video]

Another crucial item that your business needs to brand is the paper goods.

Branding with merchandise: Part 2 [Video]

If your business has a brick and mortar store, the first thing you want to ensure you have is appropriate signage. 

Branding with merchandise: Part 1 [Video]

A large part of building up a recognizable brand is making sure your product is always at the forefront of your customer's minds.

How does branding impact retail identity

When retailers set out to create a branding strategy, they are creating and marketing a vision of who they are, what they value and how their products have a place in your life.

Impact color has on consumers: Part 4 [Video]

Like red, orange and yellow are bright, exciting colors that grab the attention of your potential customers.

Impact color has on consumers: Part 3 [Video]

Blue is another popular color, widely known for being a calming shade.

Impact color has on consumers: Part 2 [Video]

Red is one of the most popular colors in marketing, exemplified in the logos of some of the biggest brands in the country, like Coca-Cola and Target.