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The Value of Project Management

The Value of Project Management
Creative teams, such as Marketing and Advertising, can spend as much as 50% of their time managing projects. Project management ensures that budgets and deadlines are met through strategic planning and efficient organizational processes. Branding initiatives should apply strict management tactics to keep projects on track and achieve goals. By partnering with a brand activation agency that employs strong project managers, creative teams will spend less time managing and more time creating or reviewing metrics from their streamlined project.


Processes and analytics are nothing without the right team to implement them. You’ll want to find a brand activation company that employs teams that are aware of the business impact that results from your branding efforts. An effective team will strategize the installation of your branding (large format graphics) so the process does not interfere with your daily business activities. For example, if the branding installation process of a vehicle is started, it should be finished that day. Your brand identity is vital to the success of your business and a partially installed graphic, on a vehicle performing daily duties, does nothing to help those initiatives.
the value of project management


The right processes streamline communications between all parties involved. Communication is critical to the success of any project. Teams with open communication paths are able to swiftly address issues, navigate an unforeseeable, and easily share vital documentation that in turn is relayed to the partner’s creative team. These processes should include a combination of technology and practices.


Metrics allow creative teams to view the progress of their branding projects so they know exactly where to focus their energy to reach project goals. Knowing where installations are occurring, the quantities of surfaces that have been branded versus not branded, and any potential issues that may have surfaced allows for quick resolving of issues and measurables that are easily understood and reported.

Signature Graphics can propel your brand forward with our disciplined project management practices. We have invested heavily in people, processes and technology to provide the most efficient, measurable, and cost effective services to our partners. Ask us about the innovative tools we have that will simplify your procurement and management of future branding materials.

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